Vice-Mayor Holmes expects even greater growth for the Great City of Opa-locka

In his office on an early February morning Opa-locka Vice-Mayor Timothy Holmes said he hopes to see greater changes in the City. The Commissioner laments that the changes he had previously hoped to see have been slow to come, but admits they have been progressive nonetheless.

First elected to office in 1994, Vice-Mayor Holmes has served the City of Opa-locka as Vice-Mayor and Commissioner. Vice-Mayor Holmes has sponsored hundreds of legislation to include the City’s first labor union, current infrastructure improvements, and Municipal Law to ban the wearing of saggy apparel.

This past January Vice-Mayor Holmes was honored by Mayor Myra Taylor at the State-of-the-City Address with Opa-locka’s first Lifetime Achievement Award. This February he was also honored with a tutoring and learning center in the Gardens Apartment Complex dedicated in his name. Vice-Mayor Holmes spoke of his satisfaction with the completion of sidewalk and drainage projects on Cario Lane and Alexandria Drive as well as the exterior renovations to Opa-locka’s Historic City Hall. Restoration efforts have now moved to the interior of the iconic building with future plans for use as a multi-purpose facility.

Now with work on the City’s sidewalks, roads and drainage underway the Vice-Mayor is also hopeful to see even greater focus on the Police Department. With an upcoming resolution for a new Opa-locka Public Safety Building and police vehicles, the Vice-Mayor is optimistic that he will see these plans completed.

During his 20-year tenure, the Vice-Mayor has several signature projects such as the Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas Bike giveaways, along with an Easter Egg Hunt. Vice-Mayor has given to thousands to make their lives enjoyable and plans to continue.

Vice-Mayor Holmes invites families out to the Opa-locka Farmshare event scheduled for April 24, 2105. The event will take place at Sherbondy Village Park from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm located at 215 Perviz Avenue (President Barack Obama Avenue), Opa-locka, FL, 33054. This event will be a first for Vice- Mayor Holmes as host and will offer fresh produce to the attending residents. Farm Share, a non-profit organization, is working with the Vice-Mayor and other local officials, legislators, and civic groups to alleviate hunger and malnutrition across the state to distribute fresh, nutritious food to the people who need it the most. The Farm Share program is made possible and funded through grants and donations from local and national contributors.

“We are moving!” The Vice-Mayor highlighted the efforts of City Manager Kelvin Baker.” Stating, “I greatly commend the City Manager for his success and determination in moving our City forward.”

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