Village adds‘ Policy Makers’ videos to Web, WBAY TV

Village adds‘ Policy Makers’ videos to Web, WBAY TV

Mayor Shelley Stanczyk is pictured inthe first of five new videos.

Palmetto Bay residents, most of whom never attend meetings of the village council, now have a new way to learn more about the mayor and other council members through a series of video interviews being featured on the village’s television station, WBAY TV, and website.

On the village’s government access television station, which broadcasts the monthly council meetings, COW meetings and zoning hearings live, many of the in-between hours are filled with special videos on a variety of subjects about Palmetto Bay’s parks, programs, the Green Initiative and other items of interest.

Bill Kress, communications director for the village, explained how the videos were done.

“We decided to take a documentary approach and interview the council members,” Kress said. “They were all asked the same questions and they answered them on camera, in their own voice and character. The purpose was to introduce the village council to all the people who haven’t had the chance to come out to the meetings. It puts a face on the names in government. It’s a small town and people should get to know their elected officials.”

Kress said that in the next budget period they plan to do a similar series of videos featuring the directors of the various village departments — the “Action Takers” — to acquaint residents with the people behind the scenes who provide the services used by residents.

In her video, Mayor Shelley Stanczyk explains her background in the area and how she got interested in village government as a result of the zoning charrette involving planning and redevelopment of the Franjo Triangle area in which her business is located, how she was elected councilmember for District 3 in 2006 and elected mayor in 2010.

“Through involvement with the PTA and as an attendance boundry committee member I was able to make a positive impact on turning our local schools into community schools, so that not my children but other children are able to attend their local elementary schools and middle schools,” Stanczyk says in her video.

She said that she learned that one person could make a difference in the community.

Vice Mayor John DuBois relates his history as a resident in Palmetto Bay and his business interests, and being elected Vice-Mayor in 2012.

“I think what peaked my interest in village politics was when I needed some work done on my property, went to the village and found it somewhat difficult to get what I needed done, and found that I felt that I needed to get involved with the process to try to improve the process,” DuBois says in his video. “That instigated my first run for District 3 council in 2010.”

He said he wanted to run for council to represent the residents who were concerned about zoning issues related to private schools and churches in the village, and because he was concerned about fiscal responsibility.

District 1 Councilmember Patrick Fiore, elected in 2010, explains how he and his family moved to Palmetto Bay for a better quality of life and how he recently retired from his job with the State of Florida and now does volunteer work with Camillus House, helping homeless people and job seekers.

District 2 Councilmember Tim Schaffer, elected in 2012, talks about his background as a financial advisor and a police officer and how he and his wife chose Palmetto Bay to live. He explains how he got involved because of issues he was concerned and joined the historic preservation committee.

District 3 Councilmember Joan Lindsay, elected in 2010, talks about moving here with her husband in 1973 and working as a math teacher in area schools. She talks about how she got involved in the campaign of a council candidate and decided to run for office due to the encouragement of residents.

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2 Comments on "Village adds‘ Policy Makers’ videos to Web, WBAY TV"

  1. Palmetto Bayer | July 26, 2013 at 1:13 pm | Reply

    What a disgusting waste of tax dollars. These videos are nothing more than political advertisements for the mayor and the other council members who are up for reelection. There is no substance to these videos. Vote these clowns out of office. Stop wasting my tax dollars.

  2. PBay Firefighter | August 20, 2013 at 1:10 pm | Reply

    Please, can you move the picture off the web site? The page opened to her photo and my baby started to cry out of terror.

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