Village Hall’s first retirements bring in new finance staffers

Village Hall’s first retirements bring in new finance staffers

Pictured (l-r) are Palmetto Bay Mayor Shelley
Stanczyk, Marti Brasovan and Dorothy Henderson at
the ceremony honoring their retirement.

Palmetto Bay, which has been incorporated for only 10 years, recently had its first ever staff retirements, both in the Finance Department, with new people joining the team.

Marti Brasovan, who had been with the village for nine years, retired in November and Dorothy Henderson retired in December. Both retirees were honored at a village council meeting on Dec. 3, 2012.

“As Palmetto Bay’s first retiree, after nine years in the Finance Department, I’m taking a brief moment just to enjoy my new found freedom,” Brasovan said during an interview on Jan. 23. “However, that moment will be brief because I have created an exciting new business. I am a Life Purpose Consultant and I have been studying Scientific Hand Analysis and reading hands for two years.”

Village Hall’s first retirements bring in new finance staffers

New faces of the village’s
Finance Department are (l-r)
accountant Litsy Pittser, senior
accountant Donna Latchman
and accounting
clerk Idalmy Vidaurre.

Besides being a Certified Hand Analyst and advising people about business and relationship success, Brasovan is a member of the Florida Speakers Association and speaks about “Investing in Yourself.”

“I’m running full steam ahead,” Brasovan said. “There is life after retirement!”

New employees joining the village’s Finance Department are Litsy Pittser, accountant; Idalmy Vidaurre, accounting clerk, and Donna Latchman, senior accountant.

Latchman is the newest staffer. She started as senior accountant on Jan. 22. She previously worked as an accountant at the Children’s Trust for one year and at the Village of Pinecrest for six years.

“I’m very excited to be here,” Latchman said. “This seems to be a very vibrant community. I’m thinking that, aside from the accounting work, there will be lots of fun things to do here, so I’m really looking forward to that.

“I have some supervisory duties, and I’m sort of bridging the gap between the finance director and the rest of the village in terms of the small financial aspects that he doesn’t need to be bothered about and that someone can assist him with, since he has a very demanding workload.”

Vidaurre joined the village as an accounting clerk on Dec. 3, 2012, after doing financial work at Eastern Airlines and Carnival Cruise Lines. She has lived in the area most of her life and likes the change.

“I’m very happy here,” Vidaurre said. “I like it. I do a lot of volunteer work at different retreats and things through my parish. In the corporate world there was more hustle and bustle and we had closings every month. Here we have closings once a year.”

Among her duties, Vidaurre processes the daily cash that comes in from the village parks, such as tennis court fees and facility rental costs, stormwater utilities management and false alarm fees.

“Right now we have 3,200 registrants that we’ve sent out renewals for burglar alarm registration,” Vidaurre said. “Many of them are coming in right now. I like the idea of meeting the people. They come to bring in the registration forms. It’s nice to meet the residents face to face and know who everybody is. Dorothy told that she’s known certain people through the years, and I hope that’s going to be my case, too.”

Pittser, who started with the village on Feb. 21 2012, previously was the controller of a printing company in the Doral area for 13 years and worked for nine years at a CPA firm in Coral Gables. “I wanted a fresh start and this place is really wonderful,” Pittser said.

“I have very good co-workers with me. I like the fact that we do a lot of things for the community.

“When I started last year I went to the ladybug release at the Montessori School and it was very nice. It was very hands on with the community. I’m looking forward to attending the annual picnic of the community. It’s fun to meet everyone.”

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