Artist Schor’s parrot painting winds up on publication’s cover

By Lee Stephens….

Artist David Schor’s painting of Jeremiah, a Yellow Naped Amazon parrot, is on the cover of the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery.

International artist David Schor, who makes his home base in Palmetto Bay, has frequently been called upon to create a painting for clients’ pets. Dogs and cats are very common subjects, and occasionally one of them achieves its 15 minutes of fame.

However, Schor’s latest client looks to be the most famous, and perhaps justifiably so. For one thing, neither Judo nor Skipper can sing “Jeremiah was a bullfrog,” nor Handel’s Messiah (although the only word in that particular rendition is “Jeremiah, Jeremiah…). Well, you get the picture.

Obviously, Jeremiah is a parrot, a Yellow Naped Amazon. By the way, Jeremiah in reality is a female. It is not that easy to tell with birds. Jeremiah’s owners, for the past 30 years, did not find that out until the name had stuck.

Upon the recommendation by Dr. Don Harris, Jeremiah’s veterinarian, Schor was commissioned by the bird’s owners, Camilla Cochrane and Robert Strauss of Coconut Grove, to create an original painting of Jeremiah, one that would capture her unique personality.

After spending a good part of a day with Jeremiah, the artist believed he knew her soul. Three months later, the painting was completed and delivered to the owners.

“You know, parrots are very complex little creatures, and we believe that Jeremiah is exceptionally so,” Cochrane said. “But with your amazing talent and unbridled enthusiasm for the subject, you captured her essence. You captured her soul.

“There is so much life in your artistic representation of Jeremiah, that one has the sense that, any minute, Jeremiah is going to move off that branch.”
Immediately, the fame of Jeremiah began.

The Association of Avian Veterinarians contacted Schor to request that Jeremiah’s painting appear on the cover of the December issue of the international Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery. Now, all Avian Veterinarians worldwide “know” Jeremiah and, according to her owners, she is not affected by her fame one bit.

Schor, in addition to creating paintings of pets worldwide (Hector, in Monte Carlo is a perfect example), has illustrated a number of books, and had his paintings featured on the cover of Parenting magazine; La Stampa, the Italian national newspaper; Southeast Sailing magazine, and a number of newspapers in the USA.

His website,, contains a number of his paintings of a variety of pets. He can be contacted through BODS Inc, which represents him, at or 305-251-1265.

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