Local student lands part in new Bloodline Netflix Series

Local student lands part in new series Bloodline

Taylor Rouviere

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]tarting college would be enough of an adventure for most students, but for Taylor Rouviere, who graduated in 2014 from Palmetto Senior High with honors and who recently turned 18, college was only part of the adventure.

Rouviere, who since childhood has had an impressive career in modeling and acting, appearing in hundreds of print advertisements and dozens of television commercials for nationally known companies, found herself in the enviable position of dividing her time during the first semester between classes and acting in the new Netflix/Sony series Bloodline with several established stars of TV and films.

Bloodline, which debuts Mar. 10, is a dark family drama set in the Florida Keys and Rouviere had to travel a dozen times from the University of Florida in Gainesville down to the Keys during her first 10 weeks of college to shoot scenes. But she did it, and still maintained an “A” average.

Rouviere is cast as the daughter of actor Kyle Chandler (known for his TV roles in Early Edition and Friday Night Lights as well as films) and as the granddaughter of actress Sissy Spacek (known for Carrie, Coal Miner’s Daughter and other films). That was part of the thrill for her.

“It was so incredibly fun!” Rouviere said. “They were all really down to earth, hilarious and kind. Working with such amazing, established actors was a great learning experience for me and they all taught me so much on and off camera. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with.”

Bloodline also features noted actors Linda Cardellini, Ben Mendelsohn and Sam Shepard, and is produced by Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler, and Daniel Zelman, creators of the series Damages.

“I’m so honored to be a part of such a wonderful production,” Rouviere said. “Every single person on the cast and crew was as excited to be working on Bloodline as I was. Working on the show has been such an unreal and thrilling experience and I hope we get picked up for a second season.”

Taylor’s mother, Jodi Rouviere — even though she has been in the entertainment industry with her business, Junior Talent Management — is still an understandably proud mom when it comes to her oldest daughter’s achievement.

“Taylor had spent most of her childhood striving towards this very opportunity, so we encouraged her to embrace this moment when it came,” Jodi Rouviere said. “We have found that this business always has the ‘Murphy’s Law’ aspect to it and we chuckled at the timing of this wonderful occasion. We knew it would be a huge struggle for her especially with the attention she pays to her academics, and with her academic path. We worked through each scheduling challenge as they arose and with her professors’ understanding of her unique job, she managed.”

She added that Taylor drove alone from Gainesville many times, spent hours traveling on buses and even flew in and out in a day from whichever airport within a 120- mile radius could fly her, with her books and all, shuttling between the shooting set and her college classes.

“We are all happy for the break this semester but are excited to do it all again and are hopeful for a second season,” Jodi Rouviere said. “Of course the weekly visits from Taylor were a delightful added perk of the whole circumstance and made her leaving for college a bit easier to handle for ol’ Mom and Dad.”

Anyone might think Taylor’s goal is to pursue a career in films and television. Surprisingly, it isn’t.

“I am a biology major on the pre-med track,” Taylor said. “My ultimate goal is to become a surgeon, possibly cardiothoracic, but I’m not 100 percent sure about anything yet.”

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