Book about a dolphin not just for children

By Sherry Miller….
When author Mark E. Welch wrote Tales of The Little Lagoon-Kiwa’s Story he wrote for a children’s audience with a child’s imagination of fantasy and adventure.

Hope, love, friendship and never faltering from adversity were the theme for “Kiwa,” a baby Dolphin separated from her mother.

Kiwa forges through adversities seeking the true story of what happened to her mother after being caught in a fisherman’s net and swept away from Kiwa in an instant.

After swimming in the sea of eternity, Kiwa has a happy ending in her Little Lagoon that is a life lesson for grownups as well as children.

Author Welch writes in his prologue, “For the lost people that swim endlessly in this Sea that we call Earth, this story is dedicated to you, and the one truth that dwells deep within your very soul: That we all can live and believe in our hopes and our expectations, for someday, we can swim faster, jump higher than ever before and to achieve what our hearts desire. To believe in oneself is the art of making what all of us really believe in come true: Our Dreams…”

A great environmental story of sea life and sea creatures, The Little Lagoon is captivating and spellbinding. The magical little characters are both friendly and fierce as they encourage or discourage little Kiwa on her mission. The ongoing message is “don’t give up!”

It is a beautiful story written for children but identifiable to adults who can’t put down the paperback book of almost 100 pages.

With professional graphic design, printing and production by Eva Gustafsson of All Design in Miami, Tales of the Little Lagoon by Mark E. Welch is available at For information, write

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