Business executive John Dubois to run for Palmetto Bay Council

By Raquel Garcia….

Eyecast CEO John Dubois (right) meets Christopher Malter during a recent Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance annual membership meeting

Perhaps it was the million-dollar hot dog stand or the accelerating Palmetto Bay lawyer’s fees to continue waging a losing battle in the courts that finally convinced entrepreneur John Dubois it was time to run for office.

Although the election is not until November 2012, Eyecast CEO Dubois has announced he is running for vice mayor of Palmetto Bay in the hopes of establishing fiscal responsibility and customer service as leadership standards on which local residents can rely.

“The $950,000 concession stand at Coral Reef Park was a total waste of money that no one can turn a profit on,” he said. “We have spent the better part of a million dollars continuing to fight the expansion of Palmer Trinity School although there have been two separate rulings against them in the courts. The school has sued the village for $17 million.

“The Jane Forman Tennis Center that was generating over $70,000 annually is now closed after her contract was terminated early and bought out at a cost of $140,000,” Dubois added.

“There is over $18 million in long term debt on the balance sheet and we are now running a $1.5 million dollar deficit for the first time in the village’s history; it is time for change.”

Dubois also contends the village is not so friendly and helpful to the needs of the average resident. Dubois said he believes a fundamental reason for becoming a municipality (and why he supported the initiative) was to avoid the slow moving, bureaucratic and unresponsive attitudes that are seemingly inevitable when dealing with larger government agencies.

“Many residents have expressed their frustration to me when trying to work with the village. They perceive a lack of customer service in the way staff serves the constituents. We are a small village and the village staff should become more customer service oriented and respond to residents’ concerns on a timely basis.”

As president and CEO of Eyecast Technology, Dubois has some experience with developing a successful customer service demeanor in the private sector. After climbing the ranks in the telecommunications industry, first as an engineer and ultimately into executive management, Dubois began his own company. A wide range of professional experience working with large corporations like Verizon to smaller telecommunications equipment companies prepared the way for Dubois to begin his own start up in 2008.

Recently recognized by Florida Gov. Rick Scott for building a business in South Florida that will generate 100 new jobs, Eyecast is turning heads in today’s market for its financial success and customer service friendly business model.

Dubois was born and raised in New York and Kansas before going to American University in Washington, DC, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Economics and a Master of Science in Technology of Management.

Dubois also volunteers for various civic organizations such as Educate Tomorrow and Camillus House.

“I was invited to join the board on Camillus House and it seemed like the right thing to do. Over the years it has become an unbelievably gratifying experience to witness lives changing for the better. Our new program and facility in development has the potential to end chronic homelessness in Miami.”

To find out more about John Dubois visit online at <> or contact him directly at 786-888-4000.

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