Palmetto Bay Charter Change

Vote ‘yes’ for village charter change

Palmetto Bay voters have the chance to make the statement that we support quality education, fair rules and that private schools are a part of the Palmetto Bay community, by voting to support the school expansion charter change. We recommend that you vote #220 and reduce the standard for student enrollment expansion down to a simple majority.

The present charter rule requires that any private school located in a residential area seeking to increase enrollment must first get approval from an insurmountable 75 percent of residents who live within 2,000 feet of the campus. The “75 percent” requirement sets an unreasonably high standard.

Less than two years ago, the local Montessori school attempted this process and received greater than two-thirds of the vote, yet was barred from expanding, providing a strong argument that this 75 percent requirement is a constitutionally questionable threshold. The issue is whether neighbors should have the right to be heard or have an unreasonable ability to bar a private school’s ability to provide educational opportunities.

Palmetto Bay is more than the “Village of Parks.” The community is also known for the high quality public and private schools, which is the reason why so many people have moved to this area and why Palmetto Bay property values are so strong.

Please vote for this change to institute a simple majority vote. Residents will retain the right to be heard and retain the requirement for both neighborhood approval and council approval.

Vote “yes” on #220 on Nov. 4.

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