Howard and Brian, thank you for your service

Thank you, Howard and Brian, for your service to Palmetto Bay.

The expression goes that people hate Congress, but love their individual member of Congress. Each election year sees a staggeringly high number of incumbents reelected, despite the abysmal institutional approval rating.

But things are quite different in Palmetto Bay. Not one, but both incumbents up for reelection were turned out by the voters in 2012. The runoff in District 2 was between two challengers and the incumbent vice mayor lost in the runoff to a challenger promising new leadership.Many opine that there would have been a clean sweep of all five incumbents had all five been up for reelection in the same year.

2012 was a year of firsts in Palmetto Bay. Earlier in the year, the current mayor, Shelley Stanczyk, became the first mayor to use police to remove a speaker from a council meeting. Later in that same year, the voters remove from office the only two incumbents up for reelection.

Many argue that both Howard Tendrich and Brian Pariser were victims of an election that became a referendum on the current mayor rather than their own individual performances and the widely held view that the council was dysfunctional.

Regardless, the elections are over and it is time to look toward to restore civility and progress to Palmetto Bay in 2013. Best wishes to both Howard and Brian, who should be remembered as dedicated to their positions. Both were original founding members of the Palmetto Bay incorporation effort. Howard Tendrich, was a member of the Palmetto Bay municipal advisory committee, a village volunteer and just the second person to represent District 2.

Howard worked hard on green issues, such as the tree programs, the green Web page, parks and community spaces. Prior to election, Howard also served the community in the Zoological Society of Florida and the Trust for Public Land.

Far too few people know that the Powers property on Old Cutler was saved from development and became part of the Deering Flow-way project in large part due to Mr. Tendrich. While on the council, he pushed for greater government accountability, seeking greater transparency in the form of posting the check register for all to view.

Howard genuinely loves Palmetto Bay and volunteering. Look for him to resume his passions on the Deering Estate Foundation.

Prior to his election as Palmetto Bay’s second vice mayor, Brian Pariser served on the steering committee to incorporate Palmetto Bay. He also recently served on the second Charter Review Committee as well as having served on the first Charter Review Committee (2006) and the Village Hall/Police Complex Advisory Committee.

Mr. Pariser’s legacy should not be judged solely on the Palmer litigation, but on being part of the next step of Palmetto Bay as it moved from infancy to current established local government.

All Palmetto Bay residents should appreciate the hard work of those who are willing to step forward to serve in public office. 2010 through 2012 were difficult years. Brian Pariser and Howard Tendrich should be thanked for their service to Palmetto Bay.

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