Krispy Kreme grand opening benefits Easter Seals efforts

By Gary Alan Ruse….

Pictured (l-r) are Palmetto Bay Councilmember Joan Lindsay; students Claudette King and Jared Lopez; Palmetto Bay Councilmember Howard J. Tendrich; Ed Ludovici, Esq.; Marialana Lococo, vice president of operations, Krispy Kreme; James Cosentino, owner; Palmetto Bay Mayor Shelley Stanczyk, and students Andres Gomez and Joshua Morejon.

When the new Krispy Kreme opened its doors in Palmetto Bay for its grand opening on Monday, Mar. 7, it didn’t just launch a new location for the popular food franchise, it also benefited the local Easter Seals organization in several ways.

Present for the special ceremony at 16851 S. Dixie Hwy. were James Cosentino, owner, and his daughter Marialana Lococo, vice president of operations; Luanne K. Welch, president of Easter Seals South Florida, and a number of students who participated in a cooking event.

Lococo explained how it came about.

“We initially put out a notice of ‘Bake the Cake’ for the store, and when people responded, we found out they were special needs kids, so we brought them into it so they could come here and really feel good about what they do at the culinary part of their school,” Lococo said.

A check also was given to Easter Seals by James and Marialana to assist the work of Easter Seals.

Welch was pleased by the donation and even more by the fact that the students were able to participate in the event.

“Just like its brand promises to do, Krispy Kreme created a lot of joy at Easter Seals South Florida by including our kids in this grand opening event,” Welch said. “Our culinary arts high school students were delighted to design and create Krispy Kreme doughnut cakes and participate in the celebration.

“We are grateful for Krispy Kreme’s monetary donation, too. Easter Seals relies on this kind of community engagement and support to help us make small miracles happen every day for children and adults with disabilities at Easter Seals.”

Welch explained that the mission of Easter Seals South Florida is to provide exceptional services so that people with autism, Alzheimer’s and other disabilities can live, learn, work and play in the community.

Helping to welcome the new Krispy Kreme to Palmetto Bay were Mayor Shelley Stanczyk and Councilmembers Joan Lindsay and Howard J. Tendrich. Mayor Stanczyk presented the owners with a proclamation from the village.

“After many years of offering sweet treats to South Florida doughnut lovers at the Tamarac, Ft. Lauderdale, and North Miami locations, Krispy Kreme in South Florida has served the shops’ local communities with pride and enthusiasm,” Stanczyk said.

“Organizations, schools, churches, and agencies throughout the greater South Florida region use Krispy Kreme’s fundraising program to generate contributions to fund a variety of projects and initiatives. Even prior to opening their doors to the public in Palmetto Bay, Krispy Kreme has so generously opened relations with this community by supporting various village functions including the 2010 State of the Village, the grand opening of Thalatta Estate, and the 2011 Celebration Picnic.”

Stanczyk officially proclaimed Monday, Mar. 7, 2011 as Krispy Kreme Day.

Turning on its “Hot Now” light for the first time, the new Krispy Kreme made available to Palmetto Bay neighborhood residents classic treats like Original Glazed doughnuts, refreshing Chillers, hot coffee, fresh bagels and hearty oatmeal.

“We’re glad to be here,” Lococo said. “We had an awesome opening week, better than our expectations. We’re very happy that the public has received us and made it such a great success. We plan on being here for a long time and we love being involved in the community.

“We do a lot of charity events, and people can now do fundraising through here to raise money for their organization. We’re happy to be a part of this community and to create Krispy Kreme ‘magic moments’ for the people who haven’t tried our hot glazed donuts before.”

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6 Comments on "Krispy Kreme grand opening benefits Easter Seals efforts"

  1. Krispy Kreme grand opening ON STATE ROAD 1…They do not cook the donot and they just marm them up for people to buy…. This is no lie but everytime that I bought donots from this place the donots are not done….Not cooked…..They should be cooked and not warmed up in a oven…. I brought all the one's that I bought back and they tryed to make it right by giving me the same uncooked donots….THIS IS JUST NOT RIGHT AND THEY KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!! A DONOT NEEDS TO BE COOKED JUST LIKE FRIES. NOT SHIPPED UNCOOKED WARMED AND SOLD TO PEOPLE….THEY TRUCK ALL THERE DONOTS UNCOOKED AND WARM THEM FOR PEOPLE TO BUY……..NOT COOKED….UNCOOKED WILL GET YOU SICK….someone needs to know about this….

  2. I am sorry but I do not know this Mayor Shelley Stanczyk to make a comment about her. But I worked for a Krispy Kreme and this is not right. Selling uncooked donuts. If you take a ride to this place they have on stand-by two trucks full of uncooked donuts in trucks. This place needs cookers like as if you were frying fries, and flipped for the other side to be cooked just as fries are cooked there not and thats why they bring donuts in from some other place and sell warmed-up donuts to people. People do not know that this Krispy Kreme just got your buck and sold you uncooked donuts…..I wanted to try out the new KK's donuts and it was raw inside so I bring it back and they retured it with the same raw donuts and when I said something they want to take me to the door and the police came and I had to leave. So I am posting this comment and other comments because the police can't remove me from here.

  3. Great place… this guy Clay Renoit must be the out of date donking never have what i want donut down the road… .. whats happening Clay Renoit competition getting you a little nerveous…. … dont worry i will still buy from you but if you keep pulling this i dont have it like the many times in the past when i try to buy something….. quess were in going… i like your sinamon and apple donut but you never have then whats the deal.. why even have them on the menu… so make sure you have them next time… anyways… if you keep runing out of the same thing why dont you order more and make more… common sence… also , why not get the fresh donut making machine for your place like Krispy dose it… and let us see you making them.. why all the hidding in the back room.. what going on there anyways…

  4. Remember Cinammom and apple..

  5. ernie sochin | April 1, 2011 at 9:58 pm | Reply

    I like eating jelly donuts

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