Local artist Schor captures childhood years on canvas

By Robert Hamilton….

Dreams of Sailing, painting by David Schor

“Childhood is fleeting, a brief wonderland in the lives of parents,” says David Schor, internationally collected artist.

A resident of Palmetto Bay for 30 years, Schor travels to many parts of Europe and the United States to create paintings of children.

“I am constantly confronted with how brief it is when I meet grown men and women who remind me that I painted them as very young children. I must admit that it a sobering encounter. It reminds me of how brief life is in general.”

Schor is the artist who created the four paintings for the YMCA of the USA called “The Four Values,” a number of paintings in Miami Children’s Hospital and in homes throughout Miami-Dade County. He is the artist for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and many private schools and organizations worldwide.

“My real mission is to capture childhood for parents,” he said. “I reserve a good portion of my time for that.”

And he does that very well, as can be seen in his Old Cutler Road studio where most of his creations are painted. A visitor sees a number of paintings still in progress — of children from weeks old to a very large one of the family of the owners of the Palm Beach Historical Inn which is of the parents and four grown sons.

Particularly captivating is a lifelike painting of a French client’s granddaughter of about eight years, engaged in the various activities of swimming, cooking, golfing, flower arranging, playing the cello, riding a golf cart, fishing and just being a young girl.

A professional artist for 30 years, Schor began creating paintings for parents 23 years ago when his son began playing baseball at Coral Reef Park. After doing a painting of his son, Andrew, at age 7 in his Howard Palmetto Baseball uniform, he was besieged by parents wanting their children’s painting created.

A Channel 4 television story on his paintings of children in baseball spread the word and now portraits consume a major portion of his easel time.

The artist is in demand from clients in such places as Norway, England, Italy, France, Germany, Australia and many parts of the USA to go on-site to create paintings for them.

His website at www.davidschor.com displays many of his paintings, including portraits, but only a very, very small percentage of the artist’s body of work.

Schor welcomes visitors to his studio by appointment, especially if they are accompanied by their children. He takes great pleasure in demonstrating how his various paintings are created, and it is sometimes hard to tell the children from the artist, so involved does he get with the youngsters.

Call 786-443-3705 if you would like to schedule a visit to his studio, and bring your children if it is possible for a unique experience.

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