Ludovici & Ludovici: Law firm still going, growing

By Gary Alan Ruse….


The family owned law firm of Ludovici & Ludovici is an institution in Palmetto Bay. It was founded in November of 1959 by family patriarch Philip F. Ludovici, who with his son and others has maintained an office in essentially the same location for more than half a century.

Ludovici recently was reflecting on the long-term success of the firm he started after graduating law school and passing the bar exam, and he is excited about the next generation to come.

“We have just celebrated our 51st year and are working on our 52nd,” the senior Ludovici said. “I got some great news this past month that my grandson, Stephen E. Ludovici, has been accepted to the University of Florida School of Law and says he wants to join the family firm upon graduation. I am so proud that we will have another generation of Ludovici lawyers serving the South Dade community.”

Philip Ludovici has been practicing law and been involved with real estate on his own, as well as with his son Edward, who now runs the firm. Edward’s wife Susan Ludovici also is a practicing attorney with the firm. Their son Stephen, now attending classes at the University of Florida in Gainesville, will graduate in spring and then begin law school.

“I look forward to carrying on a tradition of excellence in the practice of law,” Stephen said.

“As a father and a businessman, nothing makes me prouder than having my son Stephen go to law school and join the family business,” Edward Ludovici said. “Three generations all working together, that is simply amazing”

Both Philip and Edward, in addition to handling business concerns for their clients, also were involved in the formation of the village. Philip was a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit to lift the moratorium the county had imposed on incorporation, and Edward was instrumental in drawing up the original charter for Palmetto Bay.

Recognizing their important contribution to the history of Palmetto Bay, the village council named the property where the community library is located Ludovici Park.

Also a former judge, Philip Ludovici is proud that Edward and his other son, Joseph, both became lawyers and married women who also are lawyers. Philip Ludovici has five grandchildren ranging in age from 9 to 20 years.

The law offices of Ludovici & Ludovici are located at 17415 S. Dixie Hwy. For more information call 305-235-2161.

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