Mayor Stanczyk: Time to stop the ugly vendettas

More and more people are asking, “Mayor Stanczyk, what are you thinking?”

She has a duty as mayor to put pettiness aside and work to preside over a healthy village council. Instead, she spends hours traveling downtown trying to politicize or intimidate a county DERM board proceeding that involves John Dubois, a person she is supposed to work with for the good of Palmetto Bay.

Vice Mayor Dubois has been involved in proceedings before the Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources (RER). Many know because this fact was given significant play in anonymous mailers as well as the formerly anonymous blog PBChecksTheRecord during the election. Mrs. Stanczyk was recently exposed as the owner of the blog that so cowardly attacked so many people anonymously, including the prior mayor and council members. Not well played, Mrs. Stanczyk. Such behavior is so unbecoming of an elected official.

What message do you and your clan send to the community in driving all the way downtown — spending three, four or even five hours at a clip, excluding drive time — to sit and text from the back of a hearing room? Most would think they elected you to resolve issues like fire stations or addressing the fact that Palmetto Bay is slipping behind Pinecrest and Cutler Bay in property values, not to use your office to instead engage in personal vendettas.

Are you trying to intimate that you and your clan are the political juice behind the actions of the Director (and, if so, shame on you, Director) or do you simply use your appearances at these proceedings to perpetuate the present ugliness and hostility on the Palmetto Bay Council. Stop it. The residents deserve better from their officials.

The group even traveled downtown on May 8 for a mere five-minute motion hearing, but true to her form at public events, she arrived far too late to see the county lose that motion against Mr. Dubois. Who is keeping you up to date on the scheduling of these proceedings Mrs. Stanczyk? Do the county attorneys find your presence so valuable that they continue to ask you and your friends to attend?

After all, Mrs. Stanczyk, have you never been the subject of an ethics complaint, administrative proceeding such as traffic court, dissolution of one of your corporations, failure to pay an occupational tax, or a code compliance issue? Most would think that your presence would make your past and present activities with the county or even Palmetto Bay fair game. Maybe you live in a glass house.

Why do Palmetto Bay residents continue to suffer with a mayor who fails to address ongoing issues due to indecisiveness and pending expensive litigation, such as the loss of the previously planned fire station at the USDA land; Art In Public Places pieces approved, but seeming not installed or not working properly; an unstable property tax base, and very public discontent between the council members?

This behavior needs to be addressed by the council. How long should the public tolerate a mayor who walks out of meetings, fails to close important safety issues, and instead wants to intimidate and impact proceedings that involve those she should be trying to play nice with?


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3 Comments on "Mayor Stanczyk: Time to stop the ugly vendettas"

  1. Palmetto Bay Watch | July 1, 2013 at 9:56 am | Reply

    Worst mayor ever!

  2. Stanzyk please do us all a favor and find that Condo you so desire and yes do run for that board its more intune with your actions……

  3. Palmetto Bayer | July 3, 2013 at 12:43 pm | Reply

    The local blog South Dade matters appreciates the hard work of the Miller brothers:

    Look to the Summer Roundup:

    Stanczyk Gets Ripped by the Miller Brothers

    Palmetto Bay Mayor Shelley Stanczyk, the other official expected to appear on next year’s village ballot, was ripped mercilessly in the Palmetto Bay News. You can read the story for your self by clicking Mayor Stanczyk: Time to stop the ugly vendettas. Getting ripped by the Millers is no small problem for the Mayor given that their newspaper played a critical role in fostering the incorporation of the village.

    In the editorial, the paper’s publisher asks an important question:

    Why do Palmetto Bay residents continue to suffer with a mayor who fails to address ongoing issues due to indecisiveness and pending expensive litigation…?

    Mr. Miller fairly blames Mrs. Stanczyk for failing to find an appropriate location for a fire station, an absurd Art in Public Places Program, an unstable property tax base and – most importantly – for the ongoing discontent on the village council.

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