New ABA book gives readers honest advice on becoming a better lawyer

New ABA book gives readers honest advice on becoming a better lawyer

Brian Tannebaum

As its title suggests, The Practice delivers brutal truths about lawyers and lawyering in Brian Tannebaum’s slightly snarky — but always honest — signature style.

Whether readers agree with him or not, they can’t deny his opinions are provocative and provide plenty of food for thought and maybe a laugh or two along the way. Just published by the American Bar Association, this compelling book is an assortment of posts from “Above the Law” and “My Law License,” two of the most acclaimed law blogs for which author Brian Tannebaum, a Palmetto Bay resident, has written.

Reading this book, you can’t deny Tannebaum tells it like it is. There is never a question about where he stands on any issues relating to the legal profession. In The Practice, he riffs on everything from asking yourself what type of lawyer you want to be, to the most effective way to network and market yourself in an industry where lawyers increasingly over-rely on social media to prove their relevance. It also discusses other important topics, including the proper way to handle referrals, rainmaking, reinventing yourself as a lawyer, personal branding, and much more.

This essential resource offers a refreshing, no-holdsbarred “truth” about the legal profession in the author’s honest and at times humorous signature voice. Readers will find clear and truthful advice on a wide range of topics that will help them become a better, and more informed lawyer. A newspaper reporter once wrote that Brian Tannebaum is “the lawyer that lawyers go to when they find themselves in hot water.”

A past president of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, now in his 20th year of practice, Tannebaum’s clients are either lawyers trying to remain lawyers, law students trying to become lawyers, or those facing state or federal criminal charges.

His professional ethics blog, mylawlicense. com, was honored as one of the top 100 legal blogs by the ABA in 2011. He also is a former columnist for Above the Law and a certified sommelier.

Price of the hardcover book is $26.95 and can be ordered at or by calling 1- 800-285-2221.

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