Our Kids honors exceptional foster and adoptive parents

Our Kids of Miami-Dade and Monroe counties gathered on Aug. 17 to honor exceptional foster and adoptive parents in our communities. Among the parents who received the “Heroes for Our Kids Award” were William Preswood, of Kendall, who also was awarded foster parent of the year, and Adah and William Clark of Homestead.

The parents were awarded not only for their effort in taking care of the children, but also for their active involvement in their life, their support, and their love toward the children. These parents have been strong when dealing with difficult situations and have provided unconditional care to every kid they have fostered. They have gone beyond the regular duties of every foster parent and have provided these children with a home.

William Preswood takes the hardest to place population — teen boys with difficult issues such as runaways, aggressive personalities, drug use, etc. He takes them with him to all his vacations and is on top of their education, making sure they are on track, getting them into night school, virtual school, and whatever is needed for the children to succeed in school.

Preswood transports the kids everywhere they need to go: medical appointments, school when it’s out of district, office appointments, independent living trainings, etc. He has adopted a teen boy and is interested in adopting other teen boys. Preswood is an all around good parent and is very approachable to the children, listening, talking, advising, and guiding them in everything they need.

Adah and William Clark have been foster parents for two years and in that limited amount of time they have made an enormous difference in many of the children’s lives. Ms. Clark is always willing to help in any way she can and is always recruiting and actively searching for quality foster parents.

Adah has taken her role as a foster parent very seriously and is even part of the legislative team with Our Kids in order to make a difference in the foster care system. She is one of the best advocates that Children’s Home Society has. She is always willing and open to assist in all areas of caring for children whether it is co-parenting and/or serving as a source of information in regards to parenting in the community.

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