Quality and reliability make Sanchez Arango Landscaping a natural choice

By Millie Herrera….

The team at Sanchez Arango Landscaping is passionate about providing clients with the best materials, design, construction and on-time performance.

When Lazaro Arango and Rouget Sanchez became friends in the sixth grade at the Interamerican Military Academy in Miami, little did they know that four decades later they would still be best friends and business partners. Together, they founded Sanchez Arango Construction in 1995, a commercial and residential construction, outdoor advertisement and landscaping company.

Rouget Sanchez has a degree in Construction Management from Florida International University and is certified as a general contractor by the state of Florida. Lazaro Arango is certified in architectural and mechanical drafting, and has been active in construction and outdoor advertising management since 1986. Both share a passion for high-quality craftsmanship and durable construction, performance and reliability, and these principles serve as the guiding mission of every Sanchez Arango project.

This passion for providing their clients with the best materials, design, construction and on-time performance inspired the pair to create Sanchez Arango Landscaping, now one of Florida’s largest contractors for landscape installation, maintenance, hardscape, and irrigation.

“We repeatedly ran into situations where the landscape company retained by our client did not perform to our standards,” said Rouget. “These companies would not complete their work on time, would use sub-standard materials or do shoddy work. Many times we would end up completing the landscaping work ourselves to make sure it was done correctly. So, in 1999 we decided to expand our services to include landscaping so we could control the quality and performance for our clients.”

Sanchez Arango Landscaping has one of the best safety records in the industry. They are licensed, bonded and insured with an A-plus carrier. The company’s weekly in-house safety program ensures employees are trained and safe when working on a project.

“Our investment in state-of-the-art equipment, vehicles and the latest technology means we are more efficient, reliable and make safety our number one concern,” said Lazaro.

Both Rouget and Lazaro stress their commitment to use Florida-friendly landscaping techniques whenever possible. This includes the use of green, conservation-friendly irrigation systems, native and drought tolerant plants and careful use of pesticides and fertilizers to minimize runoff.

One crucial service during the summer months is hurricane preparedness. Many municipalities, companies and residents statewide rely on Sanchez Arango to perform pre-storm preparedness. Services include having trees pruned and securing, storing or removing loose items to minimize storm damage. Sanchez Arango also provides post-storm services to recover, rebuild and clean up structures, remove debris, salvage and replace landscaping.

“This is the time to call us to schedule a pre-storm project before any storms form”, said Rouget. “If you wait until a storm is announced, we will not be able to come out and it will be too late to protect your home and property.”

For more information on Sanchez Arango Landscaping visit www.sanchezarango.com or call 305-592-9252.

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