Race for Village Council District 2 Seat-Howard J Tendrich


Howard J. Tendrich, the incumbent Palmetto Bay Village Council member representing District 2, is running for re-election.

He said that he has enjoyed serving on the village council and believes he has accomplished a lot during his first term.

“First, during my tenure as a councilmember we have been able to keep our tax rate from going up while maintaining the high level of municipal services that residents expect,”

Tendrich said. “As a result, Palmetto Bay remains a wonderful place to live and raise a family, and it still has one of the lowest tax rates in Miami-Dade County. With our budget in order, Fitch Ratings has given our village a very strong and positive financial rating.” Tendrich said he feels his second important accomplishment is that he has been able to pursue his commitment to creating an environmentally friendly village.

“During my term, Palmetto Bay joined Tree City USA, which demonstrates our commitment to planting trees every year and otherwise reduces our carbon footprint,” he said.

“In addition, I was able to help stop the addition of a large dining hall to Thalatta Park, leaving more green space for our citizens to enjoy. Third, I am proud of my work to help improve the transparency of the village’s internal operations. By getting the village check register placed online, any resident can now see how the village spends our money.”

A native Miamian, Tendrich is a graduate of Miami Senior High and received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami. He and his wife, Marilyn Seitlin Tendrich, have lived in Palmetto Bay since 1972. They have two children and three grandchildren. Tendrich’s clothing store, Heritage House, recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.

A believer in community service, Tendrich has been active in the Zoological Society of Florida, Trust for Public Land, and Deering Estate Foundation.

Tendrich said, if given a second term, he will remain committed to working toward all residents’ shared interests.

“I will fight to keep Miami Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) from building an elevated toll road above the existing busway,” Tendrich said. “It will not only be an inconvenience to our citizens, but it will also create environmental and noise pollution that will mar the condition of our village. In addition, as a councilmember, I will work to insure that we continue to be fiscally conservative while simultaneously maintaining our existing structures.”

Tendrich stated that he is committed to considering and leading others to consider the needs of the village when new ordinances are proposed.

“We cannot repeat situations similar to the one that occurred with Palmer Trinity School,” Tendrich said. “This avoidable land use dispute led to huge legal costs for the village. I am concerned that the proposed Neighborhood Protection Ordinance will result in a similar situation, and I have been urging my fellow council members to consider this possibility in their consideration of the ordinance.”

Tendrich said that a sensible voice like his is needed on the village council.

“Before I vote on an issue I carefully study it, consider the views of the residents, and consult with our village attorney to make sure that I make the best decision possible for the well being of our village,” Tendrich said. “I have shown my commitment to citizens’ best interests in my first term in office. I urge voters to give me the chance to continue serving them on the Palmetto Bay Village Council.”

He can be reached by email at htendrich@palmettobay- fl.gov

— Gary Alan Ruse

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