Sound Waves leads way in ultrasound services

By Nancy Eagleton

Denise Barbato, RDMS, of Sound Waves

Denise Barbato, RDMS, has been an ultrasound sonographer for 16 years and has specialized in obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound for 11 of those years.
With her new company, Sound Waves, Barbato is bringing her ultrasound expertise and her state of the art equipment right into the offices of some of the best OB/GYN doctors in Miami.
Barbato left the comfort of her solid, stable career and took a leap of faith to acquire her own ultrasound equipment and start Sound Waves. With her “in-house” services, doctors are able to see ultrasound results immediately and patients are spared the additional appointments at outpatient centers and the long wait time for results.
“It’s wonderful to make such a difference in patient care,” Barbato said. “Patients can receive diagnostic results immediately and doctors can actually view the images at the time of the ultrasound.”
Barbato had worked previously at South Florida Perinatal Medicine and at University of Miami performing high-risk obstetrical ultrasounds. She also worked with Dr. Nathan Hirsch, OB/GYN, for 11 years.
“I’ve worked with such brilliant doctors over the years,” Barbato said. “Dr. Hirsch not only gave me his blessing to start my own business, but also recommended me to several wonderful doctors.”
Because of Barbatos’ reputation in the industry, Sound Waves’ services have grown rapidly. She currently provides ultrasound services to six Miami OB/GYN doctors’ offices, including Dr. Edward Phillips.
“It greatly enhances our practice to have such high quality ultrasound services in our office.” Dr. Phillips said. “We are able to see results immediately and simplify and improve our patient care. Denise’s experience is unmatched and we are so pleased to partner with her.”
To keep up with the growing demand for her services, Barbato has purchased a second ultrasound machine and has hired two additional technologists. Like her, these techs are certified with the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, the globally recognized standard of excellence in sonography.
“My techs are highly trained and experienced in OB/GYN ultrasound. You really have to know the anatomy and know what you’re doing to get the best picture,” Barbato said. “These techs also have great integrity. We’ll work together to ensure the highest quality results for our doctors and patients.”
For Barbato, quality results come from having quality equipment.
“Top of the line ultrasound equipment is truly what is best for the patients and the doctors,” she said. “The doctors benefit because they don’t have to think about the equipment. I maintain the service contracts and have plans to update the equipment every five years.”
In business and in her personal life, Barbato has become a champion for women’s health issues. Her mother, who lives in Baltimore, is battling ovarian cancer. Barbato donates to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and stays current on prevention, screening and the research to find a cure for this disease.
Barbato was born in Baltimore and moved to Miami in 1989. She started riding horses at age 11 and travels to Ocala on weekends to ride her horse, Conspicuous, on cross-country courses. Barbato said that she knew in high school that she wanted to go into the medical field. After meeting an ultrasound technologist while attending school, she was inspired.
To reach Denise Barbato at Sound Waves, call 305-803-4823 or send email to her at For more information, visit the website at

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