Time to stop bickering and start building a stadium

To the Editor:

David Beckham and MLS (Major League Soccer) have always said they need a downtown stadium to bring a team to Miami.

From the start, David Beckham’s efforts have been honest and open, and he has shown willingness to sit with each and every one of the sectors of our great community to find solutions and answer questions, rather than hiding behind newspaper ads and undefined coalitions.

Recently, Mayor Gimenez provided the ownership group a second viable site. Rather than the opposition mounting a silly attack against this site, too, it’s time to find solutions to make this happen whether at the port or the FEC slip. Soccer needs to come to Miami, and either site would be amazing.

Mr. Beckham is not asking for public funds. Miami deserves a great team and stadium, not more squabbling that will cause us to lose out. The moment for securing a site for the stadium is now.

Thank you for your consideration.

Silvia Caviglia,


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2 Comments on "Time to stop bickering and start building a stadium"

  1. Ehtics Notrequired | June 2, 2014 at 1:13 pm | Reply


    p 100 0f 165 http://southmiami.granicus.com/MetaViewer.php?vie
    To: The Honorable Mayor & Members of the City Commission
    From: Hector Mirabile. PhD. City Manager Date: June I, 2012
    A Resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into a 3-year agreement with the South Miami Grey Ghosts Soccer Club for the Management of Soccer Programs at South Miami Park.
    References There are five recommendation letters attached. We feel that the letters accurately attest
    to the character, experience and professionalism of the applicants which are submitted by the following individuals:
    1. Marino Torrens, President, Florida Youth Soccer Association
    3. Silvia Caviglia, Club President and Founder, Miami Premier Soccer Club
    5. Jose "Pepel! Diaz, Miami Dade County Commissioner

    May 8,2012 Evaluation Committee: I am writing to provide my personal reference on behalf of Javier Rodriguez. At this time, I would like to introduce myself to those who may not know me, and refresh the memory of others that may have known me for too long. My name is Silvia Caviglia. I have been quietly but deeply involved with the City of South Miami since 1998. The first contact was made through your Parks and Recreations Department Director at the time, Ana Garcia……
    As per myself, my "lobbying" efforts on behalf of the soccer programs landed me a job at the County Commissioner for District 7, Jimmy Morales……
    I went on to create the adult women's soccer league that has successfully conducted activities at Palmer Park during the last 10 years. Those are my credentials. Now, I would like to speak about Mr. Rodriguez….. Javier is a wonderful young man, with a beautiful and growing family. He is intelligent, dedicated and responsible and has always pursued excellence in all of his endeavors, as a lawyer, businessman and now as an accomplished husband and father. He is also a sweet and affectionate person, always caring and protective of his loved ones and his work. In sum, I am sure Javier win be a great choice to conduct and manage the soccer programs at South Miami Park as well as a wonderful addition in the South Miami community. Please feet free to contact me directly at (305) 804-2752. In the event that you need any further information or references of Mr. Rodriguez, I believe my information is on file at City Hall.
    ADDENDUM No. #3
    Project Name: Management of Soccer Programs at Downrite/South Miami Park
    RFP NO. PR-2014-01 Date: February 5, 2014
    Question #1:
    Are the South Miami Grey Ghosts in default of their current contract? In August 2012, The Grey Ghosts won an RFP that authorized them as the park’s vendor over a three year time period, from August 2012 through June 2015.
    Answer to Question #1: The South Miami Gray Ghosts are in default of their contract.

  2. The citizens always welcome these types of cooperative ventures that would allow for more utilization of facilities and efficient use of resources. The citizens have made it clear thought that they do not want money confiscated from them to be used for the benefit of private business owners who must make all capital expenditures on their own based on the economic merits of a project and not on the ability of taxpayers to fund losses.
    With this being the case it would be most wise for this potential business owner to look to another country for this project since this country has no interest in the primitive game of soccer. Americans bored with such a dull game invented more advanced sports such as football placate their boredom with soccer.

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