Village to celebrate Earth Day with ladybugs, movie Wall•e

By Howard J. Tendrich….
Palmetto Bay is celebrating Earth Day this year by releasing one ladybug for every village resident — nearly 25,000 in all — with the assistance of hundreds of local school children. This exciting program has become a tradition in the village that is greatly anticipated by the young and young at heart.

We celebrate Earth Day with these popular and appealing little bugs to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the planet. Ladybugs feed on aphids, which can decimate local plants, and are considered “nature’s pesticide.” Kids from across Palmetto Bay will learn about this earth-friendly approach to pest control, as thousands of ladybugs are released in schoolyards and village garden areas.

Earth Day was established in 1970 as a celebration intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the environment. Since then, many countries have instituted a global observance using Apr. 22 as the official Earth Day each year. This year, hundreds of millions of people in more than 180 countries are expected to participate in Earth Day activities.

By appreciating the Earth and by knowing how it is changing, people can make responsible life decisions — and enlighten children to do the same. That’s why the village is enlisting our outstanding youth to help release ladybugs during Movie Night on Apr. 15, and on Apr. 19 and 20 at six local elementary and preschools.


• Friday, Apr. 15 — 7 p.m., Coral Reef Park Meditation Garden, (Movie, WALL•E, begins at 7:45 p.m.);

• Tuesday, Apr. 19 — 9 a.m., Alexander Montessori; 10 a.m., Christ Fellowship, and 11 a.m., Winhold Montessori;

• Wednesday, Apr. 20 — 9 a.m., Howard Drive Elementary; 10 a.m., Coral Reef Elementary, and 11 a.m., Perrine Elementary.

The ladybug release during Movie Night serves to launch the village’s Earth Week celebration, and ties in well with the environmental theme of the featured film, WALL•E, a story of a robot who cleans up a futuristic wastecovered Earth. Prior to the movie, elected officials and movie-goers will gather among the plush hedges and trees of the Ken Robinson Meditation Garden to release several thousand ladybugs.

The following week, Apr. 19-20, each school will host its own celebration during the village-sponsored release ceremony, with Ladybug songs and short poems about Earth Day. Grade levels range from toddlers in pre-K through first graders. Participating students also will receive commemorative Earth Day giveaways such as bookmarks and pencils.

We look forward to celebrating this unique annual event with you. But remember, Earth Day is everyday.

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2 Comments on "Village to celebrate Earth Day with ladybugs, movie Wall•e"

  1. instead of releasing lady bugs, it would be better for the village to donate items to the schools which would be environmentally efficient…such as donating white boards so that teachers would discontinue making thousands of copies each year, wasting paper and using toxic toner cartridges. our schools need real tangible assistance, not ladybugs.

  2. Ladybugs are great for the environment as they eat pest insects, saving the Village from needing to spray pesticides

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