The actual cost of our thoughts

Quality over quantity is something we all were taught during our developmental years. We were taught quality defines a product or service that is more valuable when it comes to longevity. On the other hand, we think of products or services produced in quantity as being insubstantial, unreliable, and easily replaceable. These two concepts can also be applied to our thoughts, which create the words we speak aloud to ourselves. Would you rather have your personal dialogue be that of quality or quantity? Good News…You have a choice!

Quality thoughts, like products, are ones that will sustain us through all of the ups and downs over the years. These are the thoughts that will lead us to contentment and joy. Examples of quality thoughts and words are affirmations, specific goal setting, and detailing each step you need to hit your goals. Quality thoughts and words evoke you to take positive action, which is necessary to hit your goals! No one ever hit a new goal by sitting on the couch, feeling sorry for themselves and eating ice cream.

We have about 50-70,000 thoughts run through our head EVERY DAY. That is about 35-48 thoughts per minute. Unfortunately, about 80 percent of those thoughts are negative. Our brains are hardwired to pay more attention to the negative experiences. Therefore, just because we are humans, we are masters at the quantity part. This barrage of negative thoughts are all derived from fear and comparisons. These are the little voices telling you that you aren’t a good mom because you didn’t make a homemade Pinterest cake for your daughter’s 2nd birthday. Or that you will never get the promotion at work so there is no point in even applying. These types of thoughts will never completely go away, but you can quiet them.

While we are here on this earth, it is our job to radiate joy and love. Staying isolated in our own cycle of negative thinking is NOT going to accomplish this. We have to consciously choose quality over quantity. We have to say to ourselves EVERY morning that we are worthy of joy and love. And, most importantly, we have to love ourselves! If we don’t love ourselves, our brains will never switch over to manufacture quality thoughts and words.

Without conscious sacrifices we are paralyzed from taking quality actions. Examples of these sacrifices can be as simple as taking time in the morning to say your affirmations instead of checking your emails. Or, it can be having a conversation with your spouse asking them to support you in going back to college. Whatever the sacrifice may be, transitioning your thoughts from quantity to quality is well worth it.

Charlie Miller is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and master basketball trainer. He has owned his business, ATTACK Basketball Academy for six years and is passionate about mentoring the youth of today. You can contact him by email at

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