Adding a New Dimension to Breast Health

Dr. Leslie Frost

Dr. Leslie Frost

Dr. Leslie Frost has opened another Comprehensive Breast Care Center at 10300 Sunset Drive. As in her other offices located in Aventura and North Miami Beach, Dr. Frost is committed to providing the best and most personalized service for women’s health. And she has the ability to provide threedimensional imaging, the most up-to-date form of mammography in medicine today.

Modern, two-dimensional mammograms have been available to women since about 1970. The test, a low-dosage x-ray image of the breast has proven effective in early detection of breast cancer and for diagnostic testing of abnormalities in breast tissue. A powerful tool, the mammogram has been extremely important to the fight against this nation’s most prevalent form of cancer among woman. Now, with the addition of 3D imaging, doctors can see the breast tissue in greater detail, from many different angles. Likened to turning the pages of a book, the doctor or radiologist can see the condition of the breast tissue in one millimeter slices at a time. This method creates a clearer picture and addresses the primary limitations of 2D imaging, the superimposition of normal breast tissue.

“This newer kind of imaging is 40 percent more sensitive to the information; it is much more effective and efficient,” said Dr. Frost.

With 3D imaging, the outcome can not only distinguish between tumors and dense, healthy tissue, it can mean fewer diagnostic tests and unnecessary biopsies.

Regular breast exams and annual mammograms should be part of a woman’s routine health regimen if she is over 40 or in a group that is at high risk of breast cancer. The most prevalent form of cancer among women in the country, breast cancer ranks second only to lung cancer in number of deaths it causes in this demographic. Hispanic-American women (the most common cause of death from all cancers) and African-American woman (who have a lower incidence of breast cancer than Caucasian women, but tend not to have the mammograms necessary for early detection of cancer) are two groups who are at risk, as well as those who lack health insurance.

Dr. Frost reminds women that 85 percent of breast cancer occurs in those who have no family history of the disease. As it turns out, the most significant factors for breast cancer are gender (female) and age (growing older). Although it is rare, men, too can have breast cancer. The good news is that the five-year survival rate for breast cancer found in its earliest stages is 88 percent.

Dr. Frost is a board certified radiologist and breast imaging specialist. She has designed her practice to provide her patients with individualized service and attention. She reads all the test results and discusses the tests with each of her patients. In addition to breast health services, Dr. Frost’s Care Centers provide diagnostic breast ultrasound, breast biopsy, pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound and bone density assessments.

The new Care Center is located at 10300 Sunset Drive, Suite 400, Miami, Florida, 33173. Call at 305-602-0692 or visit online at <>.

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