Alteration specialists Remy Taylor moves to new location

The first impression we often make is in our appearance — how appropriately dressed we are, how well it matches and, possibly most important of all, how well it fits us. Ill-fitting clothing can convey a degree of unintentional carelessness, whether it’s a pair of pants that hang too low on the hips or are too long, a jacket that doesn’t fit well at the shoulders or a shirt with sleeves too baggy and long.

Conversely, few things contribute to a person’s style, confidence and comfort as much as a well-polished look accented by tailor-fitted clothing.

Remy Tailor owner Elsa Sierra and manager Alejandro Ulloa understand this and have been providing alteration services in South Florida since 1980. They take pride in making people look their best.

“Companies make between 10 and 12 sizes, but we have thousands of body types,” Sierra says. “If you go and buy clothes at a store and come here with them, when you leave you have what look like custom-made clothes.”

For Sierra, sewing has been a lifelong passion. Not wanting to remain idle after retirement, she pursued her love of needle and thread work, providing modification services for hundreds of customers.

“People who haven’t been to the shop in the last four months, they don’t know that we’ve moved,” she says. “We want to let our clients know that we’re still open and that we have a new location.”

Remy Tailor alters every kind of clothing, from high-end designer apparel to thrift shop finds; and every type of material, including more difficult fabric such as leather, suede, beaded cloth and vintage delicate fabrics – all at an affordable cost.

“Some people take their clothes to the dry cleaner and have their work done there because they think if they take them to a professional tailor it will be more expensive; but that is not so,” says Sierra. “Our prices are very competitive.”

They recognize this classic craft as one whose presence has diminished over the years.

“Before, most of our grandmothers knew how to sew at least a little bit, and now most people of this generation don’t even know how to sew on a button,” Sierra says. “This kind of work is becoming extinct; it’s very hard to find a good tailor.”

Manager Ulloa has established personal relationships with many clients. First time customers who come in can expect him to incorporate his expertise and warm demeanor into a professional consultation. He regards their business as historically honorable.

“This is a very humble and noble business,” he says. “When the economy is good, people go to the stores and buy new clothes – and we alter the clothing to fit them impeccably. But at the same time, when things are not as good, they shop in their own closets. We can change the look of a dress or a pair of pants and give it a more modern look, so garments that people have had in their closet for 20 years can be updated to look more current and fashionable.”

Remy Tailor is now located at 12443 S. Dixie Hwy. For more information, call 305-279-4487.

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