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pets2So many pets out there are desperately in need of a place to call home. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find shelter for all of them. To counter this, pet finder websites help homeless animals gain more exposure, in turn matching them with loving owners. These online networks are growing in popularity and becoming a great resource for adopting cats, dogs and other types of animals. Using the power of the internet, it is now becoming easier to help these pets live the life they deserve.

Two of the top pet finder sites are: and is one of the most well-known pet finder networks. Featuring a user-friendly interface and impressive searchable database, their mission is to increase awareness of “availability of high-quality adoptable pets.”

With over 316,000 animals listed from 13,000+ adoption organizations and animal shelters, its no wonder why many begin their pet search on Petfinder. The site has a robust set of search features, allowing for a customized experience meant to deliver just the right matches to future pet owners.’s search helps you find animals based on either one or a combination of the following items:

  • Location
  • Type (Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Small & Furry, etc.)
  • Breed
  • Age (Baby, Young, Adult, Senior)
  • Gender


Other resources available on Petfinder include classified ads, message boards, and tons of informative articles for all pet lovers. It’s also great way to keep up to date with your local organizations and shelters. is another popular site for viewing and posting classified listings for adoptable pets. The site’s functionality and layout is very simple, comparable to Craigslist. Although it does seem somewhat outdated, the site does exactly what it claims to do – help find loving homes for animals that need them.

The types of pets you can find on Animal Home include:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Horses
  • Other Mammals
  • Reptiles

After finding the home of your dreams at, complete your family by adopting a pet from the comfort of your own home. By visiting a site like Petfinder, you’ll be able to find a furry friend that matches your exact needs. Spreading the word about these online networks can help increase the effectiveness of adoption programs for homeless animals. To help support this cause, reach out to your local animal shelter and ask them about volunteering.

For those moving to a new rental house or apartment and searching for a pet-friendly home, visit and select the “pets allowed” search filter to view pet-friendly homes for rent in your desired area.

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