Brother’s car helps drive Rowe out of retirement

Brother’s car helps drive Rowe out of retirement

George Williamson (left), founder of Williamson Cadillac, presents to Bill and Jane Rowe the keys to the refurbished 2008 Cadillac.

Bill Rowe is retiring from retirement – at 83 years old. And what better way to do it than with a shiny Cadillac and a new lease on life.

Rowe just announced he is launching his second insurance career with New York Life after being with them for 48 years. A resident of East Kendall, Rowe is busy assembling a dream team of fellow professionals to be part of a “one-stop shop for insurance,” called J. B. Rowe & Associates.

And despite the fact that he has lost all of his family to heart disease, and he himself has sustained two open-heart surgeries and six catheterizations, Rowe has never been more energized, grateful, and alive with possibilities.

In 2014 alone, Rowe checked into the hospital three times for congestive heart failure. Ordered to have a heart catheterization, he said, referring to a procedure used to treat cardiovascular conditions, “I reminded the doctor this was my sixth one.”

“Well,” the doctor replied, “practice makes perfect.”

Soon after, Rowe underwent yet another procedure by which doctors inserted a new aortic valve inside his old one, called valve-in-valve.

“I was operated on Tuesday and walked out of the hospital on Saturday – a brand-new man,” he says. “Never felt better in all my 83 years.”

The fact that he has taken such a lickin’ is only motivating Rowe to keep on tickin.’

“I believe God puts us on earth for a reason,” says Rowe. “You just have to find out what that reason is.”

Clearly, providing insurance for families and businesses is his purpose and passion. Rowe’s grandfather was a general agent for Metropolitan Life and his father and uncle were agents in his office.

“Even my mom worked in my grandfather’s office, so, you see, I have insurance in my blood.”

But he’ll admit it was the Cadillac he inherited that kick-started his re-emergence into the business, “It’s just what I needed to get me up and running with my new insurance group.”

In 2008, his brother Bob bought a brand-new Cadillac, his pride and joy, says Rowe.

“He treated it very, very well. In fact, I think he had a real love affair with that car.”

So when Bob died a few years ago, his daughter gifted him the car. It sat unused and unpolished only for a short time before Rowe realized it would be just the vehicle he needed.

“I went to Williamson Cadillac and told them I wanted my brother’s car to be put in mint, show-room condition,” he said. “And so, what I have now is basically a brand-new car to make a grand entry into my new career. God really got my attention. He said ‘I am the challenge of your life. I am giving you a new lease on life, don’t blow it!’ And now I’m ready to go.”

So with a clean bill of health and a beautiful refurbished Cadillac, Rowe has resigned from retirement and is starting a new chapter by assembling J. B. Rowe & Associates:

For homeowners, auto liability, etc, call Ellie Mills at 305-238-8688.

For long- and short-term disability, and long-term care (both individual and group), contact Bob Neal with UNUM Group at 305-860-1044.

For group insurance, call Jackie Paz at 786-258-2915. And Jackie’s husband, Armando Paz, sells AFLAC.

For finance and estate planning, call Jeff Knight, a 15-year seasoned agent with New York Life, at 954-346-4881.

New York Life associate Silvia San Emeterio sells individual, family, and business insurance can be reached at 305-508-0115.

And last but not least, is Bill Rowe, who sells only $1 million policies and up, for gifting to charities and family members; and business insurance specializing in buy-sell agreements. Call J. B. Rowe & Associates at 305-271-8574.

Rowe says he will never forget the time, following one of his many operations, that a doctor warned him that he may never again feel better.

“I thought to myself, ‘doctor you’re full of crap’,” says Rowe. “Now I’m an 83-year-old man who feels better than a 21-year-old.”

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