Computer/Design Expert Builds Fox Web Site Sales

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Fox symbol of quality marks product line.

An entrepreneurial expert in computers and graphic design has begun the third year of successful online retail throughout the U.S. and abroad.

“Our focus is on quality, not quantity,” emphasizes Elias S. Hayek of Fox Project whose Mini Spider flashlight is the newest item in the Fox Light family, consisting of tactical and diving flashlights with Ultra high power that had millions of ‘hits’ from its Miami base since inception of the Internet linkage just three years ago.

The story behind Hayek’s success began in his native Lebanon in 1993 when he started the Fox Project company of specialty products, utilizing his established skills of 23 years in electronics, graphic design, web development and as a SEO specialist.

From 2004 to 2009, Hayek assisted the U. S. Military in the Middle East, during and immediately after the fall of Iraq, “a time when service to the military – whatever was needed — took precedence over making money,” he recalls.

“It was also the reason that I stayed in Baghdad during the worst days of the conflict. It was more important to support & help saving lives other than making money.”

Then he ran the Internet through a satellite on generator power as well as cable TV “just to keep the high morals of GI’s,” explained Hayek who volunteered to repair electronic circuit damage and fixed service personnel laptop computers at no charge, simply “because there was no one else to do the job.”

His service to the U. S. in Iraq crystallized Hayek’s ambition to bring the Fox Project Products line to this country and establish the business on the Internet, choosing Miami as his new home because it was “most like my native country.”

Today, he operates from Princeton with warehouses in Miami that stock an array of product specialties, identified world-wide by the friendly cartoon Fox symbol.


Best-selling Mini Spider flashlight leads current sales.

Newest among its current specialties: a high-powered flashlight in a three-inch holder whose LED (light emitting diode) is “100 times more powerful than that of an ordinary flashlight.” A cheery spider character adds a graphic touch to the Mini Spider which offers a life span of 50,000 hours in a light-weight, high tech design with Ultra high power.

It’s mini size enables it to fit in any pocket or purse, with a unique function of adjustable focus to be used for short & long distances. It’s one of the smallest and the most powerful flashlight in the market today. For details, visit <>.

For the South Florida fishermen, similar LED illumination with a battery life of up to 76 hours is utilized in the “Fox Deep Drop Light,” a high intensity light attracting fish in the deepest ocean confines or to dangle from a dock to attract baitfish. “No light, no bite,” explained Hayek.

The list of Fox products also includes a variety of items which reflect on Hayek’s admiration for the U. S. Military, available as part of the company’s “Operation Iraqi Freedom “collection. Typical are the individually-struck coins bearing emblems to honor service in the military or a “Mini T-Wall” for display.

It’s also why more than 40 plaques and commendations from varied military and service-connected organizations are proudly displayed on his office wall, testifying to services he provided to the U. S. military during the country’s Mideast conflict.

“This is something that you have to have been a part of to understand,” he reflects today of his Iraq experience that eventually inspired him to expand the Fox line by coming to the U. S. and establishing its web sites here.

“Bringing this business here was really much more than an adventure for me,” Hayek says. “It was a realization of how great this country is, and how much of an honor it is to be of service to its military.”

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