Dadeland Marriott Courtyard offers novel take on casual business dining

Dadeland Marriott Courtyard offers novel take on casual business dining

Renovations at Dadeland Marriott Courtyard Hotel reflect blend of business and pleasure.

All across the country, Marriott Courtyard customers are noticing a change in their on-site dining options. Every location is going through the same renovations and the Dadeland Marriott Courtyard is no different.

The Courtyard Bistro debuted in January with an unprecedented blend of business and pleasure. Director of operations Federico Grimm is confident the changes will be welcome.

“Instead of changing the place, we’re changing the brand,” he says. “The idea is to offer a different, more interactive type of lobby and to bring everybody downstairs. The type of guests we see now, they prefer to have fun while they’re working, to maybe have a beer when checking their email and conducting a meeting, so that’s the main idea behind this.”

Bistro customers will be able to interact with 55-inch touchscreens which connect them to the surrounding Dadeland area, offering info on shopping options, weather, restaurants and much more. Breakfast is served from 6-10 a.m.; dinner is available after 5 p.m. and, for 18 hours out of the day, Starbucks coffee is served fresh on site. For those in need of winding down, there is a fully-stocked bar in the Bistro as well.

Another particularly exciting feature Courtyard Bistro is rolling out is something they are calling Media Pods: multiple mini work stations, equipped with plugs for laptops and personal televisions that will essentially create semi-privatized casual offices, versatile enough to accommodate numerous business engagements.

Though built with the modern business traveler in mind, Dadeland Marriott director of food and beverages David Posner hopes those living in the surrounding neighborhood will be patrons as well.

“You can come into our lobby at any time of the day and see people having interviews and meetings,” he says. “We really are hoping our neighbors will come in, have a drink with us at night and join us for coffee in the morning.”

Valet parking is provided, as is The Market, a 24-hour small vending area where customers can purchase anything from potato chips and cookies to microwavable meals.

The renovations have also improved Marriott Courtyard’s exercise facilities. To make room for the Bistro’s adjoining conference rooms, the gym has been relocated to a new, larger area.

“Everybody’s exercising right now, trying to eat healthier, and guests were complaining about the size of the gym because we didn’t have many treadmills or a weight area, so we decided to give the guests a bigger space,” says Grimm. “The new gym will have more of everything – more treadmills, ellipticals, a better weight area – everything.”

Offering a unique take on business and casual dining, Marriott Courtyard Bistro has something for everyone.

“This is going to be a big change; it’s going to affect everybody – but in a good way,” he says. “Customers are going to have another option here where they can come in and, without having to be guests of the actual hotel, enjoy the space, get a drink and some dinner. It’s going to be very good for the neighborhood in general.”

Dadeland Marriott Courtyard is located at 9075 S. Dadeland Blvd. For more information, call 305-670-1220 or visit miami-dadeland.

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