Edible Arrangements® is helping to make any occasion a little sweeter with its delicious Cupcake Collection fresh fruit bouquets. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, your child’s first solo bike ride or the completion of a house project, Edible Arrangements® believes that any celebration calls for cupcakes, and not just any ordinary cupcakes! Launching August 7th, Edible Arrangements® Cupcake Collection features our new cupcake-shaped pineapple with gourmet semi-sweet and white chocolate and sprinkles!

The Cupcake Collection features 4 different arrangements, all of which can be customized with additional dipped fruit, a bear or balloon. All are made with a variety of fresh fruit including semi sweet and white chocolate dipped cupcake-shaped pineapples. The Confetti Fruit Cupcake™ is overflowing with fresh strawberries, cupcake shaped pineapple dipped in semi sweet and white chocolate then topped with sprinkles, honeydew, cantaloupe and grapes. After the arrangement has been enjoyed, consumers can keep the container for a decorative accent for any home. The Grand Berry Confetti Cupcake™ is just as delicious but with a different look. Created in a cake keepsake container, this arrangement is filled with fresh strawberries and pineapple, cupcake shaped pineapple dipped in semi sweet and white chocolate, then topped with sprinkles and grapes. The decorative design alone is reason enough for a celebration!

In addition to the tasty products described above, there are a couple other arrangements in the Cupcake Collection including, Berry Confetti Cupcake™, and Grand Confetti Fruit Cupcake™. These and all of the other delicious creations from Edible Arrangements® are made to order to assure freshness; no sweeteners or preservatives are ever used. Edible Arrangements’ Fruit Experts® can even add chocolate dipped fruit to almost any arrangement to make it extra special.

Customers can order these or any other Edible Arrangements bouquets at their local Edible Arrangements store located at 12661 S. Dixie Highway, Miami, Fl 33156, online at EdibleArrangements.com, or by phone to 305-238-0026.

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