Fall is near and ‘The Arts’ are poised to return


South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center

Some might say I’ve been off my game lately and that all I have done is whine. Perhaps missing Lily Allen and Caetano Veloso at the Fillmore is evidence of my lackluster motivation. It seems I have been missing the boat due to some shallow addiction to griping.

Jack White, Belle and Sebastian, and St. Vincent look tempting, but the ride, ya know, and all that traffic on the Beach with no public transport available – it’s all such a pain, right? There I go again! No, let me shake this; I have good news to share.

In our own backyard, the South Miami- Dade Cultural Arts Center is getting ready to kick off another season; and if it’s like last season, I’d fasten my seat belt. I’ve been doing all this bellyaching lately, but I am happy to say that aside from despising the acronym – SMDCAC just does not roll easily off the tongue – I have no other complaints about what they have been doing. Believe me, no complaints from me is a compliment.

Fall is near and ‘The Arts’ are poised to return

Spam Allstars

Up first is the Backyard Bash, an hors d’oeuvre of sorts with a “come-on-over, shucks” kind of a Cutler Bay flavor, scheduled for Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. on the concert lawn. Three bands will perform: Rihab Fusion from Morocco, Xperimento and Spam Allstars, the latter two seriously respected local bands.

Xperimento is representing boundary crossing musical genres purely by virtue of its membership – musicians from Jamaica, Venezuela, Argentina and Puerto Rico all in the band. Ya gotta love the website too, looking seriously like Mara Salvatrucha doing Parkour (translation – young, crazy, tattooed and flying through the air).

Led by DJ Spam (aka Andrew Yeomanson) Spam All stars has been going strong since Miami Vice went off the air. As much as any local band, these guys have had an enduring, loyal following for well more than a decade, always bringing love and energy to the stage. Funk, soul, reggae, electronic, cumbia, Haiti – all will reveal themselves. Yeomanson is also the guy to go to for anything vinyl, any documentary about Miami sounds and if you need killer deejay craft. Simply, for many here, he is the man with chops, props, and no dues left to pay.

This event is free, so if you have any sense at all, you might want to impress your loved ones by going online, pretending to buy a ticket and taking three there. To further cement the invite, tell’em they can bring lawn chairs and blankets. Need a trump card? Food trucks will be in the house.

Fall is near and ‘The Arts’ are poised to return


Nobody likes a complainer and I confess, I’ve been depressed since my daughter departed for Vancouver, I returned from Berlin, Lebron left for Cleveland, Beyonce didn’t call and our abominable Palmetto Expressway continues to be under construction. However, avocados are everywhere, the dry season is around the bend, IKEA has opened and my attitude is adjusting. So maybe — just maybe — the slump has ended, the pen has returned to paper and The Arts are once again ready to reign supreme in this column.

Carl Rachelson is a teacher at Palmer Trinity School and a regular contributor to the Pinecrest Tribune. He may be contacted by addressing email to crachelson@palmertrinity.org.

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