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Abe Rodriguez, vice president of sales and marketing for Florida Healthcare Plus

Abe Rodriguez, vice president of sales and marketing for Florida Healthcare Plus

Florida Healthcare Plus (FHCP) is among the most successful and innovative managed care companies in the state. With a focus on quality customer service, cost-effectiveness and “grassroots” relationships with Primary Care Physicians, FHCP continues to expand its presence in the Florida healthcare arena.

FHCP started out in 2004 as a pre-paid health plan, addressing the needs of lower income families. Today, they are a licensed Florida HMO (health maintenance organization) with branches in major population areas such as Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando and Tampa. By January 2014, their participating networks will be available in 16 counties throughout the state.

At the heart of FHCP’s success is their mission to limit costs and placing the proper emphasis on preventative care. “Preventative care is key and it is the future of healthcare,” said Abe Rodriguez, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FHCP. “The goal should be to keep people healthy. This philosophy is evident in the extent of the services we provide to our members and in the caliber of physicians in our network.”

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been phasing into the healthcare system since 2010 and is planned to be fully implemented by next year. The Act promotes prevention, wellness for public health and provides funding commitment to these areas. A healthier population will actually reduce the cost of healthcare and improve the population’s quality of life and productivity. This strategy of national prevention and health promotion also improves the delivery of healthcare to constituencies that were often denied coverage by insurers or dropped by an insurer once a substantial claim was made.

For practitioners and healthcare institutions, the ACA requires greater transparency and accountability than ever before. In this regard and others, FHCP is a “fantastic fit” for the ACA, according to Abe Rodriguez.

Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) who are providers with FHCP have the opportunity to get their practice in line with the new regulations. Increased accountability calls for greater monitoring of preventative care via electronic health records. Physicians, PCPs will need IT capabilities that allow them to maintain and file detailed reports properly. FHCP will provide solutions to their participating providers and assist them with the reporting requirements via electronic patient files (EMR/EHR) while ensuring that they are reporting on a timely-basis as the physicians maintain high scores with preventive care.

FHCP takes great pride in the way it conducts business. “We believe in doing it the old fashioned way—one handshake at a time,” said Abe Rodriguez.

It has proven to be just the right way to increase business. The personal touch extends to every prospective provider and every prospective patient.

FHCP limits costs and practices prevention to such an extent that this relatively small company can invest the savings into benefits instead of rewarding a large group of stockholders. These benefits include an over the counter debit card that is recharged in $100 increments every month. The member can use the card at select locations to purchase over 25,000 health-related products, from aspirin to blood pressure cuffs. Another is FHCP’s unlimited transportation service for members, offered free of charge. The company has purchased its own fleet of comfortable Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, operated by drivers trained and employed by FHCP. A free gym membership is offered to all members.

To find out about becoming an FHCP provider or to enroll in Medicare or Medicaid-based programs, contact FHCP at 1-855-431-1609 or visit them at their website at <www.floridahealthcareplus>.

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  1. What a puff piece. Pure lies. This company is going down fast. Closed all their offices in Tampa,Orlando and Palm Beach. Claims not being paid. Medicare fraud is being committed. Search out former employees for the real story, unless this was merely paid for advertising

  2. What a load of garbage. It is only a matter of time before FHCP is raided by the fbi and shut down like universal.they only care about making money and they could care less about members. Look up fraud in the dictionary and you'll see FHCP.

  3. Lee Stephens, please do your job. This company is not as advertised. Please do your due diligence and report the truth. Did you check with Medicare and the Better Business Bureau before you wrote this story?

  4. Soon, Abe will be bending over in the prison shower. getting what he deserves. Karma baby!!!!!!

  5. 11 arrested at Florida Healthcare Plus for Medicare fraud. They deserve everything they get. Abe now has a mug shot, corrupt piece of !@#$

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