Further your fairway swing with club fittings at Planet Golf

The Planet Golf Family:Nelson Mesa, Eddy Martinez, Billy Baldwin, Alfy Martinez and Alex Gilardi

The pros behind the driver at Planet Golf are taking the game to new heights in South Florida. With the help of sophisticated technology like the Flight Scope launch monitor, precise club fittings are becoming a new local industry standard.

Launch angles, ball speed, club speed, and spin can be improved substantially when outfitting a player according to Alfy Martinez. “The launch monitor is a fitting tool,” said Martinez. “It gives us the information we need to properly fit the right club shaft for a golfer. A client who swings at 78 miles an hour can substantially increase the speed of his driver and be swinging at 80, 81 miles per hour.”

Store patrons are invited to invest an hour or so with one of the experienced staff members and swing at the in-store hitting bay to determine proper club fitting. The launch monitor and simulator will then take the data and formulate a profile for the right shaft and head club co

mbination possibilities. “Getting fitted for the right clubs will help any golfer on a day to day basis,” said Fittings Specialist Nelson M

esa. “One of the most crucial elements on the course is to have the right lie angles of club head to ground for the best swing. You want to make sure you are entering the ground at the flattest and most efficient level.”

Because grip will vary depending on individual body type and arm length, customizing the club for the best fit is an indispensable feature option for best game play. Standard measurements of arm length and height are also taken. “The days of just buying off the rack are over,” said Me

sa. “If you are going to invest between $700 and $2000 on a new set of clubs you want to get something that will fit y

ou for a while. We offer complimentary fittings for every club or set of clubs purchased.”

Billy Baldwin estimates the savings to clients to be between $45 and $60 for the no charge fittings. “We customize for the client to suit his or her needs,” said Baldwin. “We are here for a long term relationship. We treat our clients like family and want them to feel secure so when they

walk out of the store they are taking home what they really need.”

The Planet Golf family has over 30 years combined experience in the business, all under one roof. “Launching the fittings to make the game easier and more effective for our clients has been a big part of our transition here in the past year,” said Alfy’s twin brother Eddy Martinez. “We are so happy to all be working together, our clients are finding us and we are making them happy as well.”

“You come in the store and everybody is greeting you and in a good mood,” added Mesa. “People drive from all over Florida to visit Billy and the twins. They have done an incredible job helping golf evolve locally and state wide.”

Planet Golf Headquarters at

7045 SW 87 Ave

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