Gables Art Cinema has something ‘cool’ to offer


Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love leaves audiences howling with laughter.

When it’s hot in Miami, the Arts take a back seat to things one can do inside a nice cozy air-conditioned s p a c e . With this in mind, I thought I’d skip the August art walks and, in order to fill my need for something creative, gave a shout out to the Coral Gables Art Cinema, where the good people there hooked me up with tickets to see Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love. To be brief – it was a good move.

I like this theater from top to bottom; considering that it is connected to a several-storyhigh parking garage, it is big from top to bottom. Most of what they screen is profoundly well-selected by the theater brain trust and equally well-received by film devotees; this Woody Allen film was on its sixth week. In the art house world, this is an eternity.

Big respect to the theater for extending it (and then extending it again) because, frankly, it is hilarious. I’m not exaggerating; the audience madly loved this film, howling with laughter for 90 minutes. Honestly, I would love to use my humanities skills to write about Woody Allen’s latest offering; however, this column is about the Coral Gables Art Cinema. About two years ago, this theater opened, screening year-round daily films unlike those found at the mall. The website says programs will be “vibrant, diverse, multicultural and multilingual.” So far, so good. I’ve seen a handful of films there — Pina and Monsieur Lazhar to name two – and, simply put, it’s a great place. Moreover, there are events held often — lectures, discussions, wine tastings, etc. The Cinema is a non-profit, so you can contribute and become a member, and I suppose help raise funds for WDNA and WLRN. Film, jazz, NPR — all good in the neighborhood. Cinema director Robert Rosenberg has good taste, and though I realize that this statement is both debatable and pithy, there are such things as quality and expertise. Chefs know more than kids about food; Eric Spoelsta knows more about basketball than fans; Democrats know more about birth certificates than Donald Trump; and Rosenberg knows more about good film than just about anyone I know. Summer in Miami can be unforgiving. We all know this. Shallow as it sounds, as one whose “favorite” all-time film is Cinema Paradiso, I have had a long, long love affair with film, art house in particular. Going to the movies is particularly enjoyable here in the rainy season. So it is good to know that when it’s hot, the Coral Gables Art Cinema has something cool to offer.

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