Griff Productions makes winning high school athletic films

Corey Griffin hits the field for practice

While a sophomore at Coral Reef Senior High School, Corey Griffin signed up for a video production class and became fascinated with the process. A linebacker for the school’s football team, he soon realized that he could take his new editing skills and create his own highlight film to market himself for college athletic scholarships.

After completing his own highlight film and performing well in his spring game, University of Cincinnati head coach Butch Jones offered Griffin a full ride to play outside linebacker for the Bearcats. Today Griff Productions has completed 15 highlight films for athletes seeking college admittance and sports scholarships.

“I knew I needed a highlight film for college football scouts, but I didn’t know anyone who knew how to make them,” said Griffin. “My video production teacher showed me how to take my editing skills and use them to make my own personal highlight film for football. I then started helping out some of my teammates who were also trying to get their names out to college coaches.”

Griffin says it was a natural progression to turn his love for video storytelling and editing into a business after receiving positive remarks about the quality of his work.

“After I received so much encouragement, I took an entirely different approach,” he said. “The skills I developed was a way to help athletes from my school and others get their highlight films out there and gain needed exposure.”

Griffin has positioned himself in a unique niche in the business of video production. Having walked the same path as other high school athletes looking for scholarship offers with no prospects in sight, and understanding now what coaches are looking for thanks to his own highlight reel success, Griffin has much to offer high school athletes making the transition to college life and athletic opportunity.

“So far five of the 15 videos I completed for my clients have won them Division One scholarships,” he said. “It is up to each athlete to learn how to market themselves and it is not an easy position to be in. The best feeling in the world is knowing you helped someone get a scholarship. Seeing the smiles on their faces after viewing their video, knowing what a confidence builder it is, and what a special presentation it makes to show family and friends, these are the driving forces behind my business.”

Griffin will begin his college career at Cincinnati in June studying telecommunications and working both as a football player and a producer of athletic video productions.

“My parents have been incredible role models,” he said. “They are both University of Miami graduates and they showed me how to work hard in life to create a successful future. Making my parents proud really motivates me to work hard. From here, it is all on the up.”

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