Group 3 Property Solutions a new player in realty services market

By Robert Hamilton….

Amanda Kacer

Group3 Property Solutions is a new asset management company formed by two veteran real estate services executives.

Group3 founders Amanda Kacer and Robert Astorino have almost 50 years of combined real estate operations experience and they say they are committed to the management of assets in the same way they manage their own business. Persistent and strategic social media, branding and networking will be the ingredients of market share growth for properties managed by the company.

Although Group3 is a new company with a unique, multi-faceted business approach, Kacer and Astorino say they have a unique management philosophy with such concepts as:

• Clients join the firm as one of the company’s business partners, not just another account.

• Properties are operated the same way Group3 manages its own business, creatively with an “all hands on deck” approach.

• Pass-through costs such as marketing materials, software and operating expenses are kept to a minimum, yet still providing top quality.

Group3 clients select services from a menu and pay only for what they need. At Group 3, pricing for “one size fits all” is not compatible with today’s economy.

“We take pride in successfully combining a creative, energetic business approach with traditional real estate objectives,” says Kacer, president of Group3. “In this way, Group3’s services appeal to a broad spectrum of potential clients, whether they are institutional owners of under-performing assets, deal makers hoping to structure a transaction or small individual owners needing to stay a profitable course in the current challenging economy.”

Even as a new addition to the world of realty service providers, Group3 Property Solutions commands respect and attention. Group3 clients customize their own service packages from the company’s menu, including full-service property management, enhanced rentals for lease-up projects, construction oversight, insurance claim management, interior design/staging for real estate marketing, due-diligence and business consulting.

Clients receive dedicated and personalized management for each of their assets, no matter the size, type or location.

For more information, call 305-984-2271 or go online at.

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