Grow With Us Academy showcases future of education

The experiences and connections made in the first five years of a child’s life wires their brains, impacts behavior and determines their interactions with others. Armed with that information, educator Mindy Becker brought a new concept in early childhood education to the community.

Born and raised in Palmetto Bay, Becker is the founder and CEO of the Grow With Us Academy, 7530 Sunset Drive, a preschool that provides an innovative approach to education, and focuses on healthy social and emotional development for children and families.

“Our commitment is to enrich lives by building personal connections, teaching conflict resolution and fostering effective communication as we teach, learn and live in a supportive loving environment,” said Becker.

The preschool is based on Conscious Discipline, a social emotional approach based on brain research by Dr. Becky Bailey. Conscious Discipline teaches adults how to respond to life events rather than react. Conflict situations are transformed into teachable opportunities and teachers foster emotional growth of students through creativity, building confidence and gaining independence.

After the school’s first 18 months of operation, Becker hosted an event to thank supporters.

“I wanted to have an event to celebrate my family, friends, mentors and all the people who have played a role in the creation and growth of Grow With Us,” said Becker. “I envisioned it as a time to connect, relax and enjoy while they toured the school’s new location. With the help of my new business partner Gigi Arrieta, along with Anay Abraham De Naranjo, chief operating officer, we turned the night into a Children’s Art fundraiser, led by the new administrative director Gina Jeffries and her team of parent volunteers.” Proceeds from the event benefited the Grow With Us Academy kindergarten scholarship fund.

For more information, email, go to or call 305-667-4769.

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