Is hip hop culture negatively influencing your children?

Is hip hop culture negatively influencing your children?

Khara Vassell

With hip hop being a solid part of today’s pop culture, it’s impossible to have not been exposed to the urban beats of this music genre. A big part of hip hop culture is not only music but also style. One’s swagger is very important when it comes to this culture as it shows who you are when being juxtaposed to others doing the same thing. It is safe to say that hip hop has more than a few negative stereotypes causing further accusations of corrupting teenage behavior and brainwashing the rising generation. So parents, is hip hop culture negatively influencing your children?

If you didn’t already know, social media is a big part of every human’s existence nowadays. Most of the young people have the Instagrams, the Snapchats, the Twitters, and tend to be least active on the site where their family members can follow them also known as Facebook.

The rate at which information gets shared on these sites is ridiculous. Now let’s put this into perspective. If a famous hip hop celebrity shares a link to a new song then it is highly likely for this song to shoot right to the top of the music charts. Social media is basically a platform in which people can consume the latest news.

Information has evolved into something that is consumable. However the consumer acts on preference and interest. Social media companies have found a way to provide you with information based on your preference simply by taking into consideration your previous searches and what you tend to click on the most. Therefore, hip hop culture is something that your children decide to partake in. The artists are not at fault for the art they create.

To the parents who are against the hip hop culture, hear me out. I know you may think that the lyrics in some of these songs are too explicit for your children to be listening to but let’s go all the way back to when you were a kid. I’m sure that when you were gradually making your way into adulthood that you were listening to some songs that your parents would have been horrified listening to. I know it may be hard to accept but culture is forever evolving and unfortunately the evolution is inevitable. So cut your kids some slack for crying out loud. Would you have liked it if your parents sheltered you from your generation’s community?

If your child starts to act differently please do not say it’s because of the hip hop music. Maybe your children have started to experiment with their style or slang a little. This is just one of the many phases that they will go through in life with or without the existence of hip hop. You can’t sit here and say that you haven’t done the same.

It’s understandable that every family has certain values and standards. However do not lose sight of the fact that experience is the best teacher and that your children only get to be children once in their life. I was a hip hop fanatic growing up. I turned out to be more than fine.

Khara Vassell graduated from Gulliver Preparatory High School. At Gulliver she received All-State Honors three out of four years on the Varsity Soccer team. She was also an active member in the G.O.A.L.S. club where she coached kids with autism and taught them how to play soccer. Vassell is the founder of her own non-profit organization called “Island Kids Soccer Charity” where she collects soccer gear for orphans in the Caribbean, ships the gear off to the orphanages and later heads to the orphanages to host soccer clinics to teach these orphans how to play and to give the gear out. She is now a sophomore at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and is a member of the varsity soccer team. She can be reached by email

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