How to create fantastic Facebook Fan pages

By Juan Manuel Colome….

Juan Manuel Colome

So you have decided to create a Facebook page for your company. Seems easy enough: register your page, create a company name, and fill in the basic information. You have got less than 10 fans and a pretty basic profile picture. Now what?

You obviously want the page to broaden your online presence and attract customers but how on earth do you do that? What makes some company Facebook pages more effective than others? In order to build a compelling Facebook page that yields measurable results, business owners first need to identify their main objectives. So many small businesses fail to fully benefit from all that Facebook offers quite simply due to a lack of clear goals and a strategy to achieve those goals.

Your first question should be: “Why am I on Facebook, what is my goal?” Whether it is selling more products, improving customer service or creating new relationships, determining what you want to achieve with your company page should be the first necessary step.

The world has always been social and the web has traditionally been fairly anonymous. Facebook is very focused on trying to provide tools and an environment to drive engagement and discussion between people and communities, institutional brands, companies, and small businesses. Getting the page right and understanding what content is there is the best starting point. There are a lot of different features and if you just focus on one, it might not get the benefit that you need overall.

So if you are a realtor, sharing a video of top ten tips on how to prepare your home for a quick sale is a great opportunity where that functionality can be built into the page.

A restaurant owner might consider placing a video of the top chef cooking a delicious meal and include the ingredients with step-by-step cooking instructions.

Here are a few popular features that have proven to be effective for many business pages.

Wall Posts – This is the platform that allows customers to express themselves and tell you exactly how they feel about your product or service. Upload Photos – Many companies use this feature to put up pictures of its product and customers using its product.

Direct Purchase – Constructing your page to be a one-stop shop for customers to interact, engage and buy your product has proven to be extremely beneficial for companies.

Custom Page Apps – This is where you can get really creative. Building custom tabs is what sets your page apart from your competitors and attracts more customer engagement.

So developing a strategy that will help you keep focused on your goal is of vital importance.

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