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Thursday, Oct. 11

Kati Marton

Paris A Love Story

1 p.m. – Alper JCC

Marton,Peabody Award-winner and former NPR and ABC News correspondent, has written a memoir of love and loss. During college Marton spent time in Paris researching her family’s escape from communist Hungary to France. After the sudden death of her husband, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, Paris offers a chance for a fresh beginning. Marton paints a vivid account of her life including intimate portraits of Peter Jennings, her husband of 15 years and the father of her two children, and Holbrooke, with whom she found enduring love. Tuesday, Oct. 16

Andrew Tabler

In the Lion’s Den

7:30 p.m. – University of Miami

In the Lion’s Den provides a rare glimpse into the machinations of one of the world’s most baffling political systems. After the events of Sept.11 and Damascus’ staunch opposition to the war in Iraq, the U.S. government began a campaign to pressure President Bashar al-Asad’s regime to change its policies and bring Syria into the Western political orbit. Tabler was both a witness to and participant in the events of this covert conflict.

Sunday, Oct. 14

Rabbi Hershel D. Becker

Love Peace

11 a.m. – Alper JCC

Amid the horrors of Sept.11 people who realized their lives were coming to an end called family and friends to express their love. Yet for many, loving connections may have been neglected until it was too late. Rabbi Becker, spiritual leader of Young Israel Kendall, follows the weekly Torah portion to enhance interpersonal relationships.

Thursday, Oct. 18

Yoram Hazony

The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture

7:30 p.m. – University of Miami

The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture shows how biblical authors used narrative and prophetic oratory to advance universal arguments about ethics, political philosophy and metaphysics. Sunday, Oct. 21

Michael Feinstein

The Gershwins and Me:

A Personal History in Twelve Songs

7:00 p.m. – Alper JCC

Michael Feinstein, the multi-platinumselling entertainer, dubbed “The Ambassador of the Great American Songbook,” shares stories from his memoir, The Gershwins and Me. Feinstein performs several Gershwin classic songs. At 20, he got a job with his hero, Ira Gershwin, 60 years his senior. It was the coming together of two connected souls. During their six-year partnership, Feinstein blossomed under Gershwin’s mentorship and Gershwin was reinvigorated by the younger man’s zeal for his and his brother George’s legacy.

Tuesday, Oct. 23

Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat

The Future of the Jews

7:30 p.m. – Alper JCC

Ambassador Eizenstat served as chief White House domestic policy advisor to President Jimmy Carter and U.S. Ambassador to the European Union in the Bill Clinton administration. His book surveys the major geopolitical, economic, and security challenges facing the world; the battle for the direction of the Muslim world; changing demographics, which pose a particular challenge for Jews worldwide and the rise of a new anti-Semitism that seeks to delegitimize Israel as a Jewish state.

Wednesday, Oct. 24

Nathan Englander

What We Talk

About When We Talk About Anne Frank

7:30 p.m. –Bet Shira Congregation

Using a successful mixture of humor and seriousness, this collection of eight awardwinning short stories grapple with the great questions of modern life. Englander “writes about West Bank settlers and Orthodox families, the Holocaust and mixed marriages. His real subjects are memory, obsession, choices, and consequences… In Nathan Englander’s eyes, human beings make choices for admirable and regrettable reasons, with good and bad outcomes,” said the Jewish Book Council. The New Yorker selected Englander as one of the “20 Writers for the 21st Century.”

Save the date for the Women’s Day Luncheon featuring Delia Ephron at the Coral Gables Country Club on Thursday, Nov. 8. The bestselling author/screenwriter is known for her movies including The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, You’ve Got Mail, Hanging Up and Michael.

For more information call 305-271-9000, ext. 268, or log on to www.alperjcc.org

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