Let your Santa Claus out this year

There’s a lot of talk these days that perhaps there is no need for Santa Claus in this modern, fast-paced, technological era. But I think we still need him, maybe more than ever.

Santa pops up every year in December, to remind us of what is true every day of the yea; that life is good and that there is some good in everything and everybody. Santa is a symbol; a symbol of hope and goodness and fairness and the value of being jolly.

As a kid, I had a strong belief in the power of Santa Claus and Christmas was always my favorite time of the year. I have many fond memories of the holidays and gift giving. I remember one year when I was six years old, my brother Michael, a.k.a. “Santa,” gave me a huge box wrapped with holiday paper and a big red bow on top. Of course, I madly ripped off the paper and the ribbon, and opened the box frantically, only to find it stuffed with newspaper. But I plunged in and kept digging deeper into the box. Ultimately I found my present at the bottom. It was the baseball I had told my brother several weeks earlier that I wanted for Christmas. I was as happy that he had remembered as I was with the baseball.

The spirit of Christmas stayed with me as I grew up and became an adult. Many of you may remember that for years I dressed as Santa on Christmas Eve and visit friends’ homes to surprise their kids. That night, my friends would wake up their children while I was walking in the yard and say, “Look! There’s Santa.” I especially recall one little girl (Jackie) who had recently explained to her parents that she did not believe in Santa Claus. Later that night, she saw me through the kitchen window as I approached her house in my Santa suit. I saw her turn around, and run to her dad saying, “Daddy! I believe! I believe in Santa!” I think we all have a little bit of Santa Claus in us and I think it’s important to keep the belief alive.

I agree with the Jon Bonjovi tune that says? “Believe in love. Believe in magic. Hell, believe in Santa Claus. Believe in others. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. If you don’t, who will?”

We all have the power to become Santa and we all have the power to make somebody’s holiday bright. After all, the holidays are all about giving and sharing. Isn’t that what Santa Claus is? Santa gives gifts all over the world. That’s his reason for being. That and bringing smiles to the faces of kids and adults everywhere.

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