Let’s enjoy our closet!

Your closet is a world where your clothes, shoes, accessories live their life. A cramped, chaotic, poorly lit closet can make mornings very frustrating. Remodeling your closet can create a more organized space for dressing and storage, which will also be appealing to any future buyers.

The good news is that there are many cost-effective ways of remodeling your closet. If you would like to keep the expense minimal, let’s consider discount designer stores like Marshalls, Homegoods and Ross. You can find many good buys that will compliment the area of your home being decorated. Know what you want to get out of the process so you know what you need to achieve those goals.

The first step you should consider would be to dedicate an area in a room where you’ll place everything that’s inside your closet for a couple of days. Using the existing clothes rack that you already own in your average size walk in closet, create a shopping list that might include the following:

8 oz spackle $3.98

Spatula $.98

1 gal interior paint $24.96

8 pc paint tray set $14.97

Mini chandelier from $99

Or a light fixture from $19.99

Small area rug from $19.99

Wall mounted mirror $10.98

Wood hangers (24) $29.97


Plastic hangers (60) $33.14

Shoe organizer from $14.97

Belt or tie rack from $7.98

Changing a light fixture may require an electrician. The average charge is estimated to be around $60. You may find even lower prices for some of these items, if you have the time to shop around town and find them at clearance prices. These prices have been verified but are not guaranteed.

After you have a wonderful time painting and installing your new accessory racks and mirror inside your closet, you’ll need to get you belongings organized. You should not include everything you removed from your closet. Donate some of it, especially those articles you have not worn in many years, that don’t fit and those that aren’t presentable, unless you have the ability to do the alterations/restyle that particular item to give it a longer fashion life. This is actually a very freeing activity. Group your clothes by groups of shirts, pants, skirts, dresses and then by color from lightest to darkest. Use same-color hangers.

A redecorated closet is a sight to behold. Your belongings look great, and you can check another chore off the list. To prevent the clutter from creeping back in your closet, remember it only takes a few seconds to store things properly. It will save you time, make you happier every time you look at it, and give you more space. Why wouldn’t you do it?

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