Matters of Divorce launches “divorce concierge” service

“Answers, Referrals and Support with a Human Touch”

logo Divorce is hard enough already. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone you could turn to for help?

Now there is.

Matters of Divorce is a one-stop “divorce shop” that supports, educates and empowers people thinking of, moving forward with or recently divorced. With unique, original content and real people to support clients, Matters of Divorce acts like a concierge service — helping you go through every step of the way and making sure that the process is not only as simplified as possible, but leaves you in the best possible place.

Matters of Divorce is an advocate for its clients.

“We’ve been there,” said Matters of Divorce founder and director Carlos Blanco, who was faced with the break-up of his marriage after 24 years and at age 47.

“At Matters of Divorce, we know what you are going through, because we’ve gone through it, too,” Blanco said. “But I didn’t know then what to expect. I was lost, really. Everything I learned showed me that this does not have to be as difficult as it is for many people.”

In other words, everyone who goes through a divorce alone is trying to reinvent the wheel. Especially now that they don’t have to.

At Matters of Divorce, a “transition advocate” is assigned to every case, from beginning to end, to help navigate the waters of the divorce process with a checklist of what you will need, information and support.

At Matters of Divorce, a network of experienced and qualified providers – lawyers, financial planners, psychologists, real estate experts and more – provide a customized blueprint for anyone who is either contemplating divorce, decided to do it or recently divorced.

What should be the approach with the kids? Should you sell the house? How best to approach an equitable distribution? How will my children be supported?

“Some of these questions are overwhelming to someone who is thinking about or getting a divorce, especially because their emotions are running high and they are likely to feel overwhelmed,” Blanco said. “We can look at these logistic things with you, but without any emotion, and help you make the right decisions for your long-term future.”

The truth is that roughly half of all marriages end up in divorce. For second and third marriages, it’s even more. For people married longer than 20 years, the numbers go even higher. And the aftermath can be a burden on divorced couples for many years to come.

“One of the missions of Matters of Divorce is to empower people who are in any stage of the divorce process. When people feel more empowered and less emotional, they tend to make better decisions,” Blanco said. “Divorce is likely one of the biggest negotiations in anyone’s life — we want to make sure people are prepared.”

To that end, Matters of Divorce launched its website this week with articles that inform and educate – and empower people to make the right choices for their particular situation. We know that every divorce is not the same.

Matters of Divorce: Answers, referrals and support with a human touch.

For more information, please visit the website at or call Elaine de Valle at 786-853-8724.

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