Meet Miss Palmetto Bay Teen USA 2013

It all started when Palmetto High 11th grader Stacy Beltran’s grandmother tried to coax Stacy’s 21-year old sister to compete in the Miss Florida USA pageant. Stephanie would have no part of it unless Stacy did it with her.

At age 16, Stacy had never done anything like it, but eventually agreed to compete. “This is so out of the ordinary for me.” Because of their age difference, Stacy ran in the Miss Florida Teen USA contest, while her sister competed at the Miss Florida USA level. For first efforts, the family results are remarkable! Stephanie was first runner up and Stacy won the title of Miss Palmetto Bay Teen USA.


“It was a complete shock! Not only that I won, but that I was awarded my crown for Palmetto Bay,” Said Stacy.

In the Miss Florida Teen USA competition, girls age 13-18 compete regionally simply to qualify to compete at the state level. If they win, they are assigned their crown for a particular area. Throughout Florida, there are around 80 regions that have crowns.

The Beltran sisters Stephanie and Stacy.

“This is the very first year Palmetto Bay has a crown and I’m proud to wear it,” said Stacy.

To further herself in the community and be an ambassador, Stacy has a busy schedule and has already attended the Palmetto Bay Relay For Life, the Palmetto Bay Business Association Ice Cream Social, the Deering Seafood Festival and other events in the three short months since she won her crown.

When she’s not out in the community, Stacy is a pretty normal high school pupil. “I’m a good student and am involved with a few school clubs.”

She has been dancing with the Variations Dance Club for three years. The team performs at pep rallies and sporting events. “It’s my favorite. I’ve been dancing since I was three,” said Stacy.

She insists that her friends do not treat her any differently now; but then she pauses. “Actually, they really support me a lot and are really happy for me,” she said. “They even will help me get to my events. So, yes things have changed; for the better.”

On the subject of boys, Stacy has not seen much of a change in attention. “That’s because I’ve had a steady boyfriend for more than a year.”

When the other boys do talk to her, which she says is more frequent now, they usually encourage her about participating in the Miss Florida Teen USA pageant. Talking to Stacy is interesting. She conducts herself well beyond her years and she exudes confidence.

Miss Palmetto Bay Teen meets Mayor Shelley Stanczyk.

“One of the great things I’m getting to do is talk with people and they come to me,” she said. “I used to be shy and in the corner, not talking to anyone. Now I get to meet people from all walks of life and learn about them and the jobs they do. It’s wonderful!

“I want to help people and make a difference. Breast cancer has touched my life and I plan on volunteering for events that support that cause. It will be my platform at the Miss Florida competition. Longer term, I want to help people with their problems, so maybe I’ll be a therapist.”

In October, Stacy will compete for the Miss Florida Teen USA title. Given her confidence, poise and looks, I wouldn’t bet against her.


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