New school year means it’s time to get fit again

New school year

The Diet Divi and fitness guru, Unni Greene is ready to help you on your path of living a healthy lifestyle.

With summer coming to an end, and the start of a new school year just around the corner, a sense of “new beginnings” is in the air. Malls are packed with back to school shoppers looking for the latest trends and the obligatory school supplies. For the students, each year, back to school offers a chance to start fresh and recommit themselves to achieving their goals. Many adults also start new routines and renew their resolutions with the start of a new school year. At SoMi Fitness, “back to school” means back to the gym for most of our clients and we become very busy with personal training and our classes fill to the brim. After a long and unstructured summer most of us want to start fresh routines and get back into shape before the Holidays come around again.

Unfortunately, back to school also means less time for many to fit in a workout routine. As families get busy and life gets hectic, it is even more important to make the time for fitness. The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of exercise per day for adults and 60 minutes for children. While this may seem like a lot, it is doable and will benefit you in so many ways. Clearly, all research points to the multitude of benefits on your health and mental wellbeing from consistent physical activity. Here are some tips to help you make this year’s back to school season your most successful ever.

Plan your time: Our motto is “fail to prepare, and you prepare to fail.” This means that if you wait for “the right moment” to pop up in your busy schedule for some free time for yourself to work out you are likely to create more chaos than success. Plan your time carefully and schedule your workouts and those of your kids the same way you would any important appointment. Put it on your calendar and stick to it, no matter what!

Set realistic goals: Setting small, incremental goals is a lot better than setting big lofty goals. I call the best goals “performance goals” because they focus on a specific activity, rather than an “outcome goal” that focuses on an end goal. Studies show that performance goals are easier to keep than outcome goals. An example of a performance goal would be “I am going to work out 3 hours per week”. An outcome goal would be “I will lose 10 pounds by Thanksgiving.” Remember that meeting your performance goals and regularly updating then will ultimately lead you to achieve your outcome goals.

Hire a trainer: If you are new to working out or you are just getting back into the swing of things, hiring a great personal trainer might just be the right thing to do. A trainer can quickly assess your strength and weaknesses, design the appropriate program to fit your needs and goals and make sure that you keep your appointments. It may seem as an unnecessary expense, but consider the money an investment in your health and longevity. Even highly seasoned athletes use trainers as there is no substitute for the personal attention and encouragement that is provided.

Join a class: If you are motivated by training with other people, sign up for a class at a local gym. The friendly competition amongst class members is just what some of us need to keep us motivated and stimulated. Make sure that the class you sign up for is conveniently located as this will ensure you will actually go. Also, as the days get shorter in the fall, with darkness falling around 6PM, working out indoors in a class setting may be a great choice.

Plan your nutrition: No workout program will succeed in getting you the body you want unless you follow a properly designed nutrition program. 80% of how we look is determined by our diet! If you are unsure about how to get the proper macronutrients to support your exercise and recovery needs and stimulate muscle preservation and fat loss, make sure to consult with a qualified nutrition professional. Make a commitment to start this year’s “back to school” season to achieve your best body and health ever! In just a few months, your new habit will become your old habit and you will look and feel better than ever. For information, contact us at SoMi Fitness, 6855 SW 81 Street, South Miami, FL 33143 <>.

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  1. bodyfxlaurialmany | August 30, 2013 at 11:38 am | Reply

    This is a wonderful article on the ever gracious Unni Greene and her business called Somi Fitness.
    When you enter the gym you are magically transported to a higher level of understanding!
    "Understanding what?" You ask… Understanding that the two owners of this gym really practice what they preach! They teach you about health & wellness! They teach you lifelong behavior that ultimately enriches your life & lifestyle! I am proud to call them my friends! I plan on taking a yearly trek to Somi Fitness to learn from the "masters" of not only health and fitness, but also of "LOVE"! Because when you are there, it doesn't matter what your fitness level is, you truly feel "the love" nuturing you to be the best you can be!

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