One Price Dry Cleaning offers low prices with hassle-free, high-quality service

One Price Dry Cleaning offers low prices with hassle-free, high-quality service

One Price Dry Cleaning owner Maritza Clop is celebrating 17 years in business.

Standing out in the dry cleaning business is not an easy task, but One Price Dry Cleaning has done precisely that. The family owned and operated business adheres to a one-price concept, which stipulates that since it costs the same to clean most garments, it’s disingenuous to charge multiple prices. By eliminating frivolous expenditures, they have lowered costs and passed the savings on to the customer.

“What we do here is we avoid all the packaging, stuffing and everything else that people just throw away when they get home,” says owner Maritza Clop. “We just provide them with a pure dry cleaning service. If you go to another dry cleaner, you could pay $20 to $25 for cleaning a suit. When you come here, you pay $8.”

Clop began working in the dry cleaning business in 1997, working in her father’s Hollywood store while a student in college. She has been a part of the community ever since. Her longstanding presence here has enabled her to develop lasting relationships with her clients, many of whom she considers friends.

“For the most part, unless they are new customers, I know my clients’ name and their needs,” she says. “This neighborhood is a big community.

We all know each other, and I’m honored to be part of the process.”

Though located in Pinecrest at 9723 S. Dixie Hwy. in the Captain’s Tavern shopping center, One Price Dry Cleaning also services Palmetto Bay, South Miami and Coral Gables through their fixed-fee pickup and delivery service.

“Our highest priority is to service the community,” Clop says. “In servicing such a wide area, I charge a little bit more for delivery — instead of $3.99 per garment I charge $4.59, however it’s $4.59 no matter what you send me — but when I look at my competitors, it’s not even a contest.”

Always looking to broaden her customer base, Clop regularly advertises seasonal specials in local publications and on the One Price Dry Cleaning website, with offers ranging from group discounts such as “buy six, get one free” to referral bonuses like “refer a friend and get 15 percent off on your next visit”.

“Whether it’s slow or not, my incentive in offering these specials is to get people to check us out,” she says. “Some people think, ‘You get what you pay for’ and if they see that a place charges $2 instead of $5, they might think, ‘That is a cheap place that I don’t want to take my clothes to.’ I say come find out for yourself because we would love to have your business.”

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