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Oral Health AdviceI have two teenagers. Every time I take them to their Orthodontist, who has them in braces, they tell me I need braces, too. My teeth have shifted over the years and my smile has suffered. Am I too old to move my teeth around?

There are many factors here to be considered and age is NOT one of them. You need to find out WHY your teeth have shifted. Start by seeing a Periodontist who can see if you have gum disease and any bone loss which will cause teeth to move because of loss of supporting bone holding your teeth in place.

If not that, then you may be grinding your teeth, your bite may be off, you may have a missing tooth or two which allows your teeth to drift.

Maybe you have bad habits such as biting on a pencil. Your tongue may also be moving your teeth around.

If the bone is healthy, join your kids at their Orthodontist and they will do a complete work up and tell you if you are a good candidate for either braces or Invisalign orthodontic treatment where no metal braces are used. Both you and your kids will be much happier. I have an earache.

I went to see my ENT doctor and after testing me said my ear is fine. He said to see a Periodontist. Why?

As a Periodontist I see this quite often. A pain in your ear is probably coming from your jaw joint which is right in the same area. This problem is usually muscular , sometimes the joint itself. This problem is known as TMJ or TMD, which stands for temperomandibular joint dysfunction . The muscles and ligaments are being traumatized, causing pain.

This throws your bite off which makes it worse.

What needs to be done is to make an appliance to relax your TMJ muscles, work on your bite so all your teeth hit evenly. We will give you a list of instructions which can help you improve. Stress can also contribute to your pain. These treatments can eliminate your problem.

Dr. Kessler’s office is located at Town Center One, 8950 S.W. 74 Court, Suite 1201, directly across from Dadeland Mall. He may be reached at 305-670-3800 or online at Lkgums@aol.com or www.WeSaveSmiles.com.

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