Original international design for your home at Tile Options

The catalog photographs of completed jobs by Tile Options, 13200 SW 87 Ave, look more like images from Architectural Digest magazine rather than remodeled kitchen and pool projects. Marble, granite, glass mosaics, or porcelain tiles are arranged with an artisan’s eye for detail and landscape while maintaining an elegant and classic appeal. One glance at the finished product and it is clear why clients have been choosing the experts at Tile Options for over 25 years now.

“We have the experience and know-how,” said business owner Isaac who specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. “We are dedicated to ultimate customer service and we use only top quality materials.We can help our clients with whatever they need for their home.”

Isaac travels to exclusive merchandising shows all over the world to find the unique design styles Tile Options clients have come to expect. Italy, Spain, Turkey, and locations all over the United States provide the select inventory Tile Options is known for.

“We are also now specializing in Jerusalem stone,” said Isaac. “We have an amazing resource in Israel where we can import from on a special order basis. The odd size design mosaic look is very popular and really makes a house look unique.”

In addition to a wide and custom inventory to fit any budget, Tile Options also specializes in being the one place to go for a customer’s complete remodeling needs. “With our help the customer only needs to talk to one person-us,” said Isaac. “Instead of a lot of contractors coming to the home for cabinets, or fixtures or tiles, we streamline and can do it all for them.”

Isaac and his team of experienced experts have all the access a client needs to design their dream home space. “Clients do not have to splinter any of the work they need done. We can help them find suppliers and take them there directly. We also have showroom models and catalogs available to complete any design.”

Big size porcelain is another new trend in the market Tile Options has responded to with porcelain tile sizes in 12 x 24, 18 x 36, 20 x 40, and 32 x 32. “Everything we have is top quality, we do not deal with any low quality and we are fully guaranteed, licensed and insured,” said Isaac.

So whether the desire is for a contemporary or traditional new home look in natural stone, granite, quartz, glass, glass and stone mosaic, the artisan specialists at Tile Options have the answer.

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