How cultural changes can help your Pest Control in Miami

Living in South Florida we enjoy the subtropical climate but unfortunately this is ideal for unwanted pest.

We contacted Dusty Montiel the head of the Pest Control Division at One Two Tree and asked if he could share some tips on Pest Control in Miami.

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[dropcap]C[/dropcap]ultural changes in pest control is making sure that if you have bushes plants around your home that their not over growing, making sure that they are well manage as far a maintenance pruning not having excessive mulch because in these areas we have insects that love the humidity and the moisture.

Another thing is if we have an area where you have a lot of food storages in the kitchen. Just make sure your not to leaving out materials like food products or water sources, we need to eliminate that to avoid pest and insects to reproduce.

common-cockroaches-south-florida1Cultural is one of the best ways to start a green environment where you are not using products around your home if not need to or unnecessary. One of the main things that we always look at is cracks or broken screens, window seals that are not sealed correctly, cracks under your door, vents all of these areas are things we looked into or if could improve by just changing or sealing and any of these and now we are eliminating the infestation or even the entrance points of the insects, so that cultural.

Now we have to do the actual product treatments we go ahead and start looking the best way to treat and use as minimal product as possible inside your home so that we are targeting the insect at the point of source where they living.



There’s different product lines ,we have variety of different products that we can use but the three main sources that we used are bates we can apply them at a very low volume and its bating the insects where you know they commonly walk the path, we have dust and it can be applied to crack, outlets and out of reach where we are interacting within our home so that we don’t come in contact, there’s also liquid foams that we could apply in your home within that family group of that product there is product that are now more driven or targeting a specific pest and only to target insects they have a low hazard exposure to us.

The exposure of the product to us is very safe we have one in particular that is used to control a specific insect like roaches and this product is very special because it only attacking a certain genetic strand the roach has. Even if i come in contact or our pets it is non toxic and that’s we call modern technology. They’re making this product safer for us and making them extremely efficient to control insects to the source. So those were the different products that used and different volume in your home to control insects.

Pest Control Program

Our program here at One Two Tree will try to go inside your home as minimum as possible once or twice a year to manage the problem your having inside if there’s any. The reason why I say that like I say when i first started we have over 60 inches of rain a year and all homes have some cracks and crevices, voids that pest do get in. So we need to make sure that we have to material inside your home or if it is in the wall, the attic, under the cabinets , laundry room, kitchens, bathrooms we need to make sure that these products we are putting inside your home have longevity that they’re doing what they’re doing as far as control.

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