Pinecrest Village Council Seat 4 Candidates – Germaine Katherine Butler

Pinecrest Village Council Seat 4 Candidates - Germaine Katherine Butler

Germaine Butler

Living in Pinecrest for the past 28 years and raising a family of four with my husband of 38 years — and also running for the Village Council — gives me, I believe, a knowledgeable perspective of where we began as a Village and our future direction. Priorities change and should change for growth, yet a slow and sustained progressive development is vital.

My campaign takes no contributions, therefore no “VOTE FOR GERMAINE” signs will litter Pinecrest lawns.

Goals and agenda:

• More police presence on our streets. A96th Street Crime Watch Group will join the 15 Crime Watch Groups formed in the Village; loud message to us all.

• Fiscal/management revision with charter and utility tax review. No new sidewalks. All resident impact fees eliminated; permitting fees reduced.

• Prior cost disclosure on all surveys, studies, master plans and consulting fees before issuance.

• Foreclosed and vacant sites identified.

• Building sites landscape maintained.

• Well-water homes should remain wellwater homes. Potable water should be a choice not a mandate. And the $12 million price tag for the completion of the water lines should have been an issue considered long before the Community Center build-out at $5 million-plus.

• Continued flooding on Southwest 96th Street and 73rd Avenue. Go to <pinecrestfloods.>.
Many families are multi-generational now and when considering potential building and zoning changes, those changes should include ADUs (additional dwelling units) to incorporate traditional living spaces without main home attachment.


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