Police station a safe haven for finalizing online transactions

The Pinecrest Police Station is now a safe haven for anyone who is looking to buy and sell items via classified advertisement websites, such as Craigslist and the like.

Those who are interested in conducting a transaction at the police station should arrange to meet either in the first floor parking lot or in the third floor police station lobby. There is no need to call ahead. Transactions can be arranged at any time between the buyer and seller.

If the first floor main entrance doors are locked on the weekend or afterhours one should press the intercom button and inform the operator of the safe haven transaction.

There have been a number of cases in South Florida in 2014 alone in which people selling cell phones, computers, or other valuable goods through classified advertisement websites have been targeted by criminals who intend to rob them when they meet to exchange goods for cash.

Identifying a location that would deter criminal activity and serve as a safe haven for internet sales transactions related to classified advertisement websites increases the safety of residents and can potentially cause a decline in robberies related to internet sales transactions.

The Pinecrest Police Station is located at 12645 Pinecrest Parkway. For nonemergency calls dial 305-234-2100.

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