Read on the Brooklyn Bridge

Pictured is a group of eighth grade drama students from Palmetto Middle School standing on the Brooklyn Bridge with the storied Manhattan skyline in the background. They are (alphabetically) Salma Atassi, Giovanni Balboa, Brianna Bell, Sarah Berlan, Gabriella Boudani, Suze Bryan, Sean Bunce, Alexis Corradino, Carlos Damian, Priscilla Diaz, Lauren Dutcher, Alexandra Esco, Ruth Ferenczi, Sofia Guisasola, Natalia Hazday, Carly Herskowitz, Samantha Joseph, Rebecca Lapin, John Levy, Shelby Loeb, Vanessa Lujan, Elizabeth Myers, Ethan Paikowsky, Anabelle Paz, Maria Pena, Emmalee Pena-Aleman, Victoria Pino, Vilma Portocarrero, Rebecca Rousseau, Emily Russell, Zaylee Rust, Victoria Sioli, Lara Stebbing, Brooke Sterling, Noa Visnich and Mallory Watford. The young actors went to The Big Apple on an educational trip and saw several Broadway plays, attended acting classes, met a few Broadway stars and unexpectedly ran into actor Robert DeNiro. Of course they remembered to take along a copy of their favorite hometown newspaper and snapped this shot for us. Thanks for thinking of us, guys!

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